Entry for March 14, 2009″Mind Over Matter”

As the day is underway it seems like it will be warmer weatherwise. So looking forward to spring. At least from this perspective the sun is shining brightly in the morning sky,nature abound with less and less chill in the air. Mind over matter could and does pertain to all things, both tangible and attainable also intangible and unattainable. While taking a stroll the other day saw the local newspaper with bold headlines ‘christians atheists in an ad which will be displayed on the buslines. That was most disturbing. Even if one didn’t take the few minutes to read further: the contention that these two words are revelant in any scope or one’s imagination is utterly absurd. Why people put faith in the same content with being downright hungry is very wrong. There should be a separation between the tangible and intangible. It is much easier and less stressful for those involved to focus on the giving food, shelter to others and only that with nothing else. It is more logical to speak to others about events in their lives. It is much easier to get through to them because in fact one is more genuine and more of a friend. Why can’t people speak of everyday events without involving faith at every turn. It is rather irritating. When people have troubles in their life, of anything concerning them: they need a friend who is genuine. It is most annoying to chat with people who are tunnel visioned. Life is hard enough without added pressures. Take a few seconds and chat about things that really matter.Why is american society always concerned with age? When a child celebrates their birthday: everyone asks’ how old are you?’ Then when that person doesn’t want to reveal their age, others should ask’ how young are you?’ Isn’t it ironic that the older one gets chronologically the question is in the reversal. Age is a state of mind, just a number, one is young at heart,if one doesn’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

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