Entry for March 16, 2009″ An Upcoming Top Of The Morning”

With another stroll which was simply wonderful, thoughts are now on the celebration with all taking part surrounded with Irish stew and Irish coffee and inbetween Killians. Of course one has to wonder the recent events in N.I. too as the commeradie gets underway. This emerald paradise wants peace and comfort for their people as well as for N.I. too. Let tomorrow be a renewed pledge to those involved which includes the populace as a whole to diligently work together to promote a lasting peace. This year 2009 has been so far grand. That’s of course been due to planning on one’s part and cooperation from others. One’s seen Ian and family in the first month after a long time: been in contact with neices and sisters too, with “facebook”: and May is my birthday and Andre is coming to see me. The mere thought of it brings a joy uncompared to anything else. It’s five years since one has seen him.One knows that one has blogged about this in length previously and let this be an esception to the rule. If one would let one continue: one could go on endlessly. So may the populace find the joy in their families and friends to be together and share an ounce of happiness in their lives too. One measures the amount of pain and happiness. The happiness is overwhelming at the juncture.

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