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Entry for April 30, 2009″Detriment”

April 30, 2009

Another rainy yet warm day underway. This is springtime anywhere in the nation. Enough rain in buckets to fill the earth’s surface. At this time one may listen to some symphonic music and imagine oneself in an elegant evening gown and sitting in a concert hall with the orchestra gently playing as the melodious sounds fill the air with joy. This is a detriment not in the fact that it is harmful, in the text it adds cheapness to a socalled surrounding. Speaking of which is a house which is bright purple and it stands out like a sore thumb. It is toward the end of the block and it is unavoidable when noticing its gaudy appearance. Then there is a bright pick house that is located toward the main street if one wants to stroll near the bay. This particular abode isn’t more or less unusual than the rest of the houses in the area escept for the fact that this is an outlandish colour. Third of all there are these railroad tracks that estends for miles from the southside toward the downtown area. The other week while strolling one saw a red pickup truck right smack of the tracks in which a man was driving and subsequently was stopped by a local officer and words were eschanged by both. Then the man went merrily on his way, before stopping as one was about to cross and he waved ahead and sped off at a good clip while still on the track. These in one’s opinion simply devaluate the appearance while at the same time devalue one’s property. Haven’t seen or heard any complaints from the neighbours. Maybe one would get the sense that they are use to it given that the amount of years it has been; it has fallen on deaf ears. One has observed these things when one had first moved from Alabama and one’s abashment. These are still here nearly three years later. Is that what one would call liberal? With the emphasis on the beautification of Madison, Wi., this is a mere contradiction. This is in the same classification of rundown neighbourhoods. And one would be rest assured that one would notice that. Is this any different? These are mere eyesores.

Entry for April 27, 2009″Putting All The Ducks In A Row” Part 2

April 27, 2009

With the gloominess, greyness of the springtime days it is advantageous to play and listen to some cheering music like Katie Melua soulful songs. It does the heart good in a way that is unbelievable. Continuing with the title of the previous blog thinking of Ian and Michelle who are both in the states for a particular purpose: they have to use every moment in the most useful way possible. They are in the midst of buying a house for the next three years. Only wish they would take a few minutes to phone me. I mentioned in an email to Ian yet understand if he doesn’t. Andre is really wanting to come to visit me for a total of four days. Last time I spoke to him he was on his way to work as usual and I mentioned that I would like a video of him playing”Nothing Perfect” on the guitar which he had composed in its entirety and some recent pictures as well. Wondered to if he still had the blue Fender guitar. His response was”Mom I’m not in the best of moods” So as a mother I can understand. Don’t want to put anymore pressure on him than he already has. It was a short and sweet conversation with ending it with” I love you” from him and my saying” Love you too”. One is confident that one will surely hear from him soon. It is most difficult when offsprings are grown and live far. However one wants them to be content where they are and that makes one happy in return. There are families who reside in close proximity and grown as well and don’t have the appreciation one has of endless love and respect that one has for one’s own offsprings. One has taken notice that one has used the script in the first person. That is true for the emotional ties. In the meantime one’s time will be filled in May and June as to the prospects of attending a small reunion of my cousin Mike and family and one’s brother Greg and his estended family which will be held in D.C. And thinking of going to Seattle,Wa. where Andre resides where it’s not so long between visits.

Entry for April 26, 2009″Putting All The Ducks In A Row”

April 26, 2009

With yet another rainy, stormy springlike day underway, one feels always precisely yet persistently consistent. One’s mind was in deep thought as the noise of thundering, lightning lit up the night’s sky and the crackling of branches were heard with the strong winds present. Presently putting all the ducks in a row is essential for one’s continuity. Thoughts were with clarity, with specification too. First, of Dara and John who are my neice and her husband. The are going through some rough times now. One is always ready to take sides silently. And picturing how Dara had a history of moodiness. My sister Vivian, would have the knack to speak verbly about John to one’s dismay. Saw them both this past November for the holiday and yet still both being gracious one had the inner feeling that something wasn’t correct in their relationship. They seemed distant. Remembered one year probably two years ago where there was an row about something which was among Vivian, Dara and John. It was very disturbing in one’s presence. The length of it continued for a while. One felt very uncomfortable while visiting. All one recalls the endless bickering, raising voices and this was just in the midst of leaving. One may still picture that sight in one’s mind. When Vivian and Steve were getting a divorce. One would silently moreso think of Steve’s feelings and not so much outwardly of Vivian, although she is my sister. Not in defence of Vivian, yet the truth be told that one’s has admiration of her; simply while going through her own rough times with two small children, she picked herself up and made something of herself.One thinks of John in that same way. Hopefully one prays that history won’t be repeated. That Dara and John will come to an amicable decision merely for the sake of their three children, Noah, Zoe and Aiden who are still young and deserve peace of mind.

Entry for April 25, 2009″Compelled”

April 25, 2009

This is a rainy yet warm springlike day, with raining pouring down sporadically, as if like a water spiggot off and on again, with thundering and occasional lightning. One is compelled to script thoughts. Today is a day which was storming nearly two years ago in August which the rain was ongoing for five solid days. That was the beginning of creativity in the sense of blogging. Recent news events have brought one with a touch of sadness and asking oneself endless questions as not so as to the why of it, yet to the how of it. First of all, Jimmy Breslin’s daughter is now deceased. As to the details of it and the situation one won’t reveal however for the fact that it has happened, it is quite unbelievable. Second of all a successful Garden City L.I. family was found dead as a result of a murder-suicide. It occured in Baltimore, Md. at the Sheraton. This family was Roman Catholic and the mother was a daily communicant and said the Rosary at church too. Again not to reiterate what transpired it again leaves the endless questions in one’s mind as to why,how and if in some minute way the event could or should have been prevented. Were there any red flags indicating something was amist? Then as a question one should ask that does religion have any berring on one’s actions? If so, then wouldn’t a man come to his senses and suddenly realise what was going to occur and stop it not in mid stream for he would think of the overall picture and of course the outcome. Couldn’t he speak to anyone in confidence? Was he even ashamed of what others might have thought? Was the feeling of guilt so overwhelming of his alleged actions beforehand against others? At this time there isn’t anyone who knows the entire ongoings. Only the aftermath.

Entry for April 12, 2009″Unspeakable Terms”

April 12, 2009

As the brisk wind has subsided from days previously, the magnanimousness of a few seagulls grace the clear twilight sky as they soar and glide in gentle stride through the openness. The unspeakable terms isn’t there in the 21st century media, in periodicals or even occasionally in the national newspapers; as if it is nonexistant. However there is modern day slavery in most of the world. It is sadly even in this country. The trafficers come from nearly 70 countries. They will have their call of entry in New York, Florida, Arizona, California. Modern day slaves are held in bondage in nearly every state in this country. After reading the book”A Crime So Monstrous” Face to Face With Modern Day Slavery which is eloquently written by E. Benjamin Skinner. It has historical overtones. It is remarkably eye-opening fact that it still occurs and has lasted for 5,ooo years. Of course one may ponder as to the why and wherefores. The reasons are more to speculate than this blogger could count. Why are these inexcusable crimes prosecuted more readily? Why aren’t these criminals given their just due? Or even given recognition that it is happening in the first place? For all involved from the perpetrator, police, politician. Everyone is in denial. This won’t magically disappear. Here are some questions to ponder. Are domestic disputes a form of slavery? Are some teenage involvement which has question of control a form of slavery? When investigators probe these why aren’t these questions asked? Is it b/c these are voluntary? In most cases these start out as a voluntary premise; then when it proceeds, there isn’t a way out of it.Why aren’t there judges,lawyers studying in schools more to combat this issue? Why don’t government officials take a focus training course in the matter to better educate themselves as well as others. Afterall these are human beings too. The laws of each country vary and it is very complex as to any solution overnight. However it should be addressed by someone to get the ball rolling. There are many issues of concern, there are many who contribute to this if not directly than indirectly. If one would look at one issue than this one could be combined in some way. There is one way to let it continue and that isn’t to do anything. Meaning to ignore it.

Entry for April 03, 2009″It’s All In The Game”

April 3, 2009

With the sun brightly shining to warm the earth’s surface, spring is on the horison. The bay is shimmering with delight as admirers view dreamingly at the mere spectacle of being massive as well as auesome. Different and diversified conversations are spoken everyday to people. These are diversed b/c if one speaks to people about certain subjects, some can’t handle it. These people freak out. So it is good to avoid these types of conversations. Some older people are that way. The more one knows a person, the more one wants to relieve certain aspects of their own life to that person. This isn’t by any means a bad trait. One has to know that person well enough too. Sometimes it is a certain personality that one will gel better than others. So if one has 25 friends for instance, that person will have 25 conversations in the spand of time. As the song goes it’s all in the game. Everyone in life is an actor/actress amateur on the stage of life playing a part. Their lines given or not written and aren’t rehearsed. Yet those lines spoken are their own. If one does their part they in fact will avoid arguements, confrontations and unneeded stress, time spent, for time is precious and shouldn’t be wasted. This won’t hurt others if done in a tone intented. One could recall the saying that it is important to only answer to oneself. Knowing that one’s actions speaks louder than words. And for every action there is a reaction.

Entry for April 02, 2009″After The Fact”

April 2, 2009

Taking a walk near the bay simply is astounding to view the rolling swift water as several ducks are scattered in one portion. The wind was forceful as a variety of numerous squirrels were scampering up/down the trees. Why aren’t there preventive measures taken before tragedy is in our mist? In any case without going into specifics, there should be some means taken overall. Such as investigating each parole system which in differing degrees depending on the residing state. No one can play the blame game b/c it is annoying and redundant. Daily tragedy is occuring at an alarming rate without any resolution. One would seem weary of the monotonous occurrences. At one point it could be taxing on the nerves. Is there a glitch in the justice system overall? There are some tragedies that are unavoidable and would occur with all the measures in place. There are also some that occur as a result of neglect, misshandling, and lack of coping skills. Some occur as a result of association. The end result unfortunately is the same. Regardless of the areas of the country, economic status, race, religion it still is prevalent and this is or most likely not a contributing factor. This isn’t a factor of the amount of or the lack of education one has either. The primary and secondary schools in the country could offer as an elective: a class on parent skills, to give the recipient some inkling of their outcome, if one would choose that road. Another class could be check balancing, where the recipient would learn and put into practise balancing a checkbook. These students would get credit for passing the class and these classes would be held and treated like other classes as a requirement for graduation. This is only a suggestion on the part of the teacher as well as the recipient. For Life is a matter of Ifs.

Entry for April 01, 2009″Genetics”

April 1, 2009

Again it is cloudy, somewhat cold yet comfortable in the warmth of where one is in life. One may bypass the egoistical persons in one’s past as a means of nonsense and focus on the present and the future. Although genetics has a great deal to do with one’s personality, their dna and so on; one has to realise in this that one’s life changes every seven years; along with their thoughts. Their overall perspective on the way one views what is important and not. Take one’s mother for instance simply speaking in the way of medicine.While growing up, occasionally my mother had certain ailments which were never given any esplanations to me. One often wondered and was somewhat concerned. However could never voice anything in that regard. So from that day forward one took it upon oneself and researched and viewed it on At last one could come to a conclusion. And it was most satisfying on ones part. These ailments goes as follows; 1) neuralgia is a stabbing intense burning pain cause by irritation or damage to the nerve. A variety of causes are tooth decay,eye strain, or shingles (an infection cause by herpes the zoster virus causes are poor diet, nose infection or exposure to damp or cold. One would surmise that my mother had a poor diet and some tooth decay that brought on this ailment.2) erysiplis caused by cuts, insects bites or pimples. This would again be caused supposedly by an insect bite and not treated properly the way it should be in the necessary matter. As a child one would view their mother with a swollen jaw and she scrattering her ear from time to time and not realise to treat her ear in a proper way and by doing this it only made matters worse. I as a child could only look on and display inward compassion for the situation surrounding oneself. Yet the helplessness was beyond belief. One felt that one day it would come to past the meanings and causes of these ailments. One is content that one finally had the presence of mind to do just that.