Entry for April 01, 2009″Genetics”

Again it is cloudy, somewhat cold yet comfortable in the warmth of where one is in life. One may bypass the egoistical persons in one’s past as a means of nonsense and focus on the present and the future. Although genetics has a great deal to do with one’s personality, their dna and so on; one has to realise in this that one’s life changes every seven years; along with their thoughts. Their overall perspective on the way one views what is important and not. Take one’s mother for instance simply speaking in the way of medicine.While growing up, occasionally my mother had certain ailments which were never given any esplanations to me. One often wondered and was somewhat concerned. However could never voice anything in that regard. So from that day forward one took it upon oneself and researched and viewed it on google.com. At last one could come to a conclusion. And it was most satisfying on ones part. These ailments goes as follows; 1) neuralgia is a stabbing intense burning pain cause by irritation or damage to the nerve. A variety of causes are tooth decay,eye strain, or shingles (an infection cause by herpes the zoster virus causes are poor diet, nose infection or exposure to damp or cold. One would surmise that my mother had a poor diet and some tooth decay that brought on this ailment.2) erysiplis caused by cuts, insects bites or pimples. This would again be caused supposedly by an insect bite and not treated properly the way it should be in the necessary matter. As a child one would view their mother with a swollen jaw and she scrattering her ear from time to time and not realise to treat her ear in a proper way and by doing this it only made matters worse. I as a child could only look on and display inward compassion for the situation surrounding oneself. Yet the helplessness was beyond belief. One felt that one day it would come to past the meanings and causes of these ailments. One is content that one finally had the presence of mind to do just that.

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