Entry for April 02, 2009″After The Fact”

Taking a walk near the bay simply is astounding to view the rolling swift water as several ducks are scattered in one portion. The wind was forceful as a variety of numerous squirrels were scampering up/down the trees. Why aren’t there preventive measures taken before tragedy is in our mist? In any case without going into specifics, there should be some means taken overall. Such as investigating each parole system which in differing degrees depending on the residing state. No one can play the blame game b/c it is annoying and redundant. Daily tragedy is occuring at an alarming rate without any resolution. One would seem weary of the monotonous occurrences. At one point it could be taxing on the nerves. Is there a glitch in the justice system overall? There are some tragedies that are unavoidable and would occur with all the measures in place. There are also some that occur as a result of neglect, misshandling, and lack of coping skills. Some occur as a result of association. The end result unfortunately is the same. Regardless of the areas of the country, economic status, race, religion it still is prevalent and this is or most likely not a contributing factor. This isn’t a factor of the amount of or the lack of education one has either. The primary and secondary schools in the country could offer as an elective: a class on parent skills, to give the recipient some inkling of their outcome, if one would choose that road. Another class could be check balancing, where the recipient would learn and put into practise balancing a checkbook. These students would get credit for passing the class and these classes would be held and treated like other classes as a requirement for graduation. This is only a suggestion on the part of the teacher as well as the recipient. For Life is a matter of Ifs.

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