Entry for April 03, 2009″It’s All In The Game”

With the sun brightly shining to warm the earth’s surface, spring is on the horison. The bay is shimmering with delight as admirers view dreamingly at the mere spectacle of being massive as well as auesome. Different and diversified conversations are spoken everyday to people. These are diversed b/c if one speaks to people about certain subjects, some can’t handle it. These people freak out. So it is good to avoid these types of conversations. Some older people are that way. The more one knows a person, the more one wants to relieve certain aspects of their own life to that person. This isn’t by any means a bad trait. One has to know that person well enough too. Sometimes it is a certain personality that one will gel better than others. So if one has 25 friends for instance, that person will have 25 conversations in the spand of time. As the song goes it’s all in the game. Everyone in life is an actor/actress amateur on the stage of life playing a part. Their lines given or not written and aren’t rehearsed. Yet those lines spoken are their own. If one does their part they in fact will avoid arguements, confrontations and unneeded stress, time spent, for time is precious and shouldn’t be wasted. This won’t hurt others if done in a tone intented. One could recall the saying that it is important to only answer to oneself. Knowing that one’s actions speaks louder than words. And for every action there is a reaction.

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