Entry for April 12, 2009″Unspeakable Terms”

As the brisk wind has subsided from days previously, the magnanimousness of a few seagulls grace the clear twilight sky as they soar and glide in gentle stride through the openness. The unspeakable terms isn’t there in the 21st century media, in periodicals or even occasionally in the national newspapers; as if it is nonexistant. However there is modern day slavery in most of the world. It is sadly even in this country. The trafficers come from nearly 70 countries. They will have their call of entry in New York, Florida, Arizona, California. Modern day slaves are held in bondage in nearly every state in this country. After reading the book”A Crime So Monstrous” Face to Face With Modern Day Slavery which is eloquently written by E. Benjamin Skinner. It has historical overtones. It is remarkably eye-opening fact that it still occurs and has lasted for 5,ooo years. Of course one may ponder as to the why and wherefores. The reasons are more to speculate than this blogger could count. Why are these inexcusable crimes prosecuted more readily? Why aren’t these criminals given their just due? Or even given recognition that it is happening in the first place? For all involved from the perpetrator, police, politician. Everyone is in denial. This won’t magically disappear. Here are some questions to ponder. Are domestic disputes a form of slavery? Are some teenage involvement which has question of control a form of slavery? When investigators probe these why aren’t these questions asked? Is it b/c these are voluntary? In most cases these start out as a voluntary premise; then when it proceeds, there isn’t a way out of it.Why aren’t there judges,lawyers studying in schools more to combat this issue? Why don’t government officials take a focus training course in the matter to better educate themselves as well as others. Afterall these are human beings too. The laws of each country vary and it is very complex as to any solution overnight. However it should be addressed by someone to get the ball rolling. There are many issues of concern, there are many who contribute to this if not directly than indirectly. If one would look at one issue than this one could be combined in some way. There is one way to let it continue and that isn’t to do anything. Meaning to ignore it.

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