Entry for April 25, 2009″Compelled”

This is a rainy yet warm springlike day, with raining pouring down sporadically, as if like a water spiggot off and on again, with thundering and occasional lightning. One is compelled to script thoughts. Today is a day which was storming nearly two years ago in August which the rain was ongoing for five solid days. That was the beginning of creativity in the sense of blogging. Recent news events have brought one with a touch of sadness and asking oneself endless questions as not so as to the why of it, yet to the how of it. First of all, Jimmy Breslin’s daughter is now deceased. As to the details of it and the situation one won’t reveal however for the fact that it has happened, it is quite unbelievable. Second of all a successful Garden City L.I. family was found dead as a result of a murder-suicide. It occured in Baltimore, Md. at the Sheraton. This family was Roman Catholic and the mother was a daily communicant and said the Rosary at church too. Again not to reiterate what transpired it again leaves the endless questions in one’s mind as to why,how and if in some minute way the event could or should have been prevented. Were there any red flags indicating something was amist? Then as a question one should ask that does religion have any berring on one’s actions? If so, then wouldn’t a man come to his senses and suddenly realise what was going to occur and stop it not in mid stream for he would think of the overall picture and of course the outcome. Couldn’t he speak to anyone in confidence? Was he even ashamed of what others might have thought? Was the feeling of guilt so overwhelming of his alleged actions beforehand against others? At this time there isn’t anyone who knows the entire ongoings. Only the aftermath.

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