Entry for April 26, 2009″Putting All The Ducks In A Row”

With yet another rainy, stormy springlike day underway, one feels always precisely yet persistently consistent. One’s mind was in deep thought as the noise of thundering, lightning lit up the night’s sky and the crackling of branches were heard with the strong winds present. Presently putting all the ducks in a row is essential for one’s continuity. Thoughts were with clarity, with specification too. First, of Dara and John who are my neice and her husband. The are going through some rough times now. One is always ready to take sides silently. And picturing how Dara had a history of moodiness. My sister Vivian, would have the knack to speak verbly about John to one’s dismay. Saw them both this past November for the holiday and yet still both being gracious one had the inner feeling that something wasn’t correct in their relationship. They seemed distant. Remembered one year probably two years ago where there was an row about something which was among Vivian, Dara and John. It was very disturbing in one’s presence. The length of it continued for a while. One felt very uncomfortable while visiting. All one recalls the endless bickering, raising voices and this was just in the midst of leaving. One may still picture that sight in one’s mind. When Vivian and Steve were getting a divorce. One would silently moreso think of Steve’s feelings and not so much outwardly of Vivian, although she is my sister. Not in defence of Vivian, yet the truth be told that one’s has admiration of her; simply while going through her own rough times with two small children, she picked herself up and made something of herself.One thinks of John in that same way. Hopefully one prays that history won’t be repeated. That Dara and John will come to an amicable decision merely for the sake of their three children, Noah, Zoe and Aiden who are still young and deserve peace of mind.

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