Entry for April 27, 2009″Putting All The Ducks In A Row” Part 2

With the gloominess, greyness of the springtime days it is advantageous to play and listen to some cheering music like Katie Melua soulful songs. It does the heart good in a way that is unbelievable. Continuing with the title of the previous blog thinking of Ian and Michelle who are both in the states for a particular purpose: they have to use every moment in the most useful way possible. They are in the midst of buying a house for the next three years. Only wish they would take a few minutes to phone me. I mentioned in an email to Ian yet understand if he doesn’t. Andre is really wanting to come to visit me for a total of four days. Last time I spoke to him he was on his way to work as usual and I mentioned that I would like a video of him playing”Nothing Perfect” on the guitar which he had composed in its entirety and some recent pictures as well. Wondered to if he still had the blue Fender guitar. His response was”Mom I’m not in the best of moods” So as a mother I can understand. Don’t want to put anymore pressure on him than he already has. It was a short and sweet conversation with ending it with” I love you” from him and my saying” Love you too”. One is confident that one will surely hear from him soon. It is most difficult when offsprings are grown and live far. However one wants them to be content where they are and that makes one happy in return. There are families who reside in close proximity and grown as well and don’t have the appreciation one has of endless love and respect that one has for one’s own offsprings. One has taken notice that one has used the script in the first person. That is true for the emotional ties. In the meantime one’s time will be filled in May and June as to the prospects of attending a small reunion of my cousin Mike and family and one’s brother Greg and his estended family which will be held in D.C. And thinking of going to Seattle,Wa. where Andre resides where it’s not so long between visits.

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