Entry for April 30, 2009″Detriment”

Another rainy yet warm day underway. This is springtime anywhere in the nation. Enough rain in buckets to fill the earth’s surface. At this time one may listen to some symphonic music and imagine oneself in an elegant evening gown and sitting in a concert hall with the orchestra gently playing as the melodious sounds fill the air with joy. This is a detriment not in the fact that it is harmful, in the text it adds cheapness to a socalled surrounding. Speaking of which is a house which is bright purple and it stands out like a sore thumb. It is toward the end of the block and it is unavoidable when noticing its gaudy appearance. Then there is a bright pick house that is located toward the main street if one wants to stroll near the bay. This particular abode isn’t more or less unusual than the rest of the houses in the area escept for the fact that this is an outlandish colour. Third of all there are these railroad tracks that estends for miles from the southside toward the downtown area. The other week while strolling one saw a red pickup truck right smack of the tracks in which a man was driving and subsequently was stopped by a local officer and words were eschanged by both. Then the man went merrily on his way, before stopping as one was about to cross and he waved ahead and sped off at a good clip while still on the track. These in one’s opinion simply devaluate the appearance while at the same time devalue one’s property. Haven’t seen or heard any complaints from the neighbours. Maybe one would get the sense that they are use to it given that the amount of years it has been; it has fallen on deaf ears. One has observed these things when one had first moved from Alabama and one’s abashment. These are still here nearly three years later. Is that what one would call liberal? With the emphasis on the beautification of Madison, Wi., this is a mere contradiction. This is in the same classification of rundown neighbourhoods. And one would be rest assured that one would notice that. Is this any different? These are mere eyesores.

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