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Entry for May 23, 2009″Faith Verses Fate”

May 23, 2009

The warmth of the day brings one to arise at twilight time just before sunrise, what a beautiful,peaceful time of day as the sun started to peak through the clouds. Then a news video report of a mother duck and her ducklings who are babies seems to be hours old, young and defendless were caught in a drain pipe and a banker in a nearby adjacent building notices these duckling up on the building, took time to encourage them to come down to join the mother. Then one by one the banker stood on the sidewalk and caught these baby ducklings. There were eight in all. The banker caught five of them and had to get a ladder to obtain the remaining three of them. After he accomplished that feat, the mother and babies were together. There was an upcoming parade about to begin in a hour’s time. So the people in Spokane,Wa. were there for that and the people then began to cheer for the mother and the babies until they reached the bay’s edge and when in the water at last. Then on the same day here is Madison,Wi. there were some mother ducks and ducklings in the bay. Is this an omen or what! When some is ill the logical fact within reason is to provide treatment, to seek a professional in a specific field in which proper care maybe provided and in case health is restored. And then pray in the process. Prayer is used only when all treatment is provided. Prayer isn’t a replacement for treatment. A case in Wi. and another case in Minn. deals in the estreme. These people are radicals and should be criminally prosecuted to the ultimate degree. It is so very wrong not to seek treatment when it is available to aid the person. How do these people say that they love their children when their action speak differently? How do these people have the audacity to act for another human being and take matters in their own hands? In the Congo, there are tens of thousands of street children who are let go from their families simply b/c of a local Christian pastor working for profit says these children are witches and he performs exorcism with a burning candle. The local authority refuses to take action, which is abominable which is worse and the practise is continuing. It is completely irresponsible and absurd. Morons and criminally moronic is all on can say. Have to dignify it with a comment.

Entry for May 14, 2009″Mistakes Upon Mistakes”

May 14, 2009

The spectacular panoramic view that for the most part unappreciated by some for they don’t know real beauty and take it for granted, as now the sun shines ever so brightly and takes a second or so to gently peek in and out of clouds and therefore takes a respite from time to time as well. The mistakes upon mistakes that this leader of the country is simply unprecedented b/c of lack of esperience. The Pentagon has fired a prominent general who has served honorably in Afghanistan. General David McKiernan wasn’t politically correct enough to suit this President of the U.S. McKiernan was replaced by Lt.Stanley McChrystal who will get his fourth star when he is sworn in to take his post. Mc Chrystal is a member of the US Defence Dept. and is in the special forces. He isn’t without controversy. He in fact mishandled a homicide investigation of a leading football player Pat Tillman who was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan. The Health System is a real mess with skyrocking costs.This administration definitely doesn’t have the answers. If this Health System bill passes the Congress and is signed into law, it will be worse than ever. It will take the private sector out and if one needs to go to the doctor for any reason, even for a check-up they must choose certain doctors who for the most part are unqualified and chosen by the government. They too must wait in long lines. In other words they will be treated like a number. In some cases people could die before a doctor could reach them for treatment. This is socialised medicine. There has to be a better way namely to be diplomatic and compromise. There is a petition circulating on the internet to draft Robert F. Kennedy Jr.for President of the US in 2012 or 2016. If RFKJr runs to which party will he be affiliated? Who will he pick for VP. for that person must be qualified as well. This is important too. Two questions are contemplated. Are the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan still be a culprit then? Will the US still be fighting a comprehensive health care bill then as well?

Entry for May 13, 2009″Incomprehensible”

May 13, 2009

With a raining falling and thunderstorms later this evening and possibly severe one has the notion to stay indoors and spend part of the day on the computer; a hot cup of flavour soup or rice will be satisfactory along with a tumbler of tea, of course without ice will warm the heart. All the endless talk in the world won’t bring the five lives lost yesterday and the wounding of four others. This was a senseless act. This shooting took place at a stress center which was geered to prevent the opposite. It happened at Camp Liberty in Baghdad, Iraq. Of course for obvious reasons weapons aren’t allowed in the vicinity or for that matter within the center. The gun was confiscated from the shooter, Russell earlier in the day as an augument ensued. Russell then left the clinic and several hours later after overpowering a fellow comrade soldier took his weapon and returned to the center and went through hall and immediately randomly shot these people: some were clinic employees who were there to help soldiers with post tramatic syndome and suicide tendencies. This person Russell was serving his third deployment in Iraq and had only a minute time before finishing his stay there. The military police were called upon the time that Russell had taken the gun, however it was to late and the military police could hear gunfire in the background at the center. To date there have been 143 suicides of soldiers who have served in Iraq. This is a sad statement. Bob Woodruff who has in the past been to Iraq and have done some escellent documentaries on the war wounded could focus on this particular piece so that more citizens could be informed. This war in Iraq becomes more and more obvious this is an unhonorable act as from the very beginning until now. There should be a referendum in Congress to have all the troops come home. The US should now resign themselves that this war will and never be won.

Entry for May 11, 2009″Celebrations”

May 11, 2009

With the sun shining and a rather pretty sunset, not speaking of a red sails in the sunset by any stretch of the imagination, yet still the colours and glow were magnificent. Yesterday gave oneself a celebration by looking of the net and finding some and listening of portions of songs by Sandler and Young. Then later on in the day watching “The Reader and “The Duchess on dvd. These two movies were very good and worth one’s time. The books were far better in the fact that they went further into detail. One was better to have read the books first to get an idea of background on the subjects at hand and if one wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have read the books they would have missed out and particularly in “The Reader b/c the motion picture jump from the past to the present time and switch back again in continuous motion that one would have had a difficult time following the motion picture without have read the book beforehand. My son Andre also called me for Mother’s Day and wished me the best. Had a brief sweet conversation with him that justified his love. This was a tender warm feeling for me. He mentioned that on Thursday he would have another dentist appt having already had a previous one. This is essential to his overall health. We didn’t mention whether or not he would be coming to Madison to visit me and I am resigned to the fact that if he doesn’t we will plan to do it some other time in the future. Someone’s birthday is in a few days time. Namely mine.

Entry for May 09, 2009″Emotions” Part 2

May 9, 2009

With a rainstorm overnight and countless billowing rain clouds above, one was amased at the passenger jet making way for a landing and suddenly disappeared into the clouds although one could hear the roar of the engine. On these typical rainy days it is a good idea to curl up with one’s favourite book, watch a good movie on dvd: which one did last night, viewed”The Bronx Tale”as it could be seen repeatedly; it is that good. As one may tell one’s emotions are in better tack than previously. If one may take a second an backtrack to how one was feeling: parents or one should say more precisely inheritance. It is mainly up to that individual person as to how one may look at the situation. Let one focus on the feeling of guilt. One tends to have this feeling once in a great while. It is how one was treated as a child. To have that feeling one had to be treated with shame. Looked up the word in the dictionary the other day and it was worded as one who has done wrong. So as a child one was mistreated emotionally and that is what was the stem. However this is an important angle it is how one may deal with it. So as one grew older it was a factor yet not essentially over took one’s essistence. One would have the feeling of not measuring up to one’s and more importantly to others standards. So one took the bull by its horns and simply paid no attention to some people who wanted and took pleasure in putting oneself down and paid attention to people who gave one confidence. One also knew how to tell the people apart. So as one still became an adult one found a simply solution. If one loves and respects others then and only then one may pay some attention to what they say. If one doesn’t then the attitude is to think so what who cares. So to clarify this don’t be overly sensitive and take people for what their worth. The people in one’s life are the most precious humans ever. Here is a rule of thumb don’t go down to their level. Make them come up to one’s level and if for some reason they don’t then they aren’t worth one’s time and energy. Always strive to be better.

Entry for May 08, 2009″ Emotions” Part I

May 8, 2009

With the sun peeking in and out of the clouds on a light breezy springlike early afternoon, one is filled with emotions. Trying one’s best to put oneself out of moods and not drift back to sullen moods.This will take sheer will power one is convinced that this will transpire eventually. This month is filled with birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduations as others prepare with events later on in life. One isn’t type to depend on anything to bring oneself in and out of moods. Haven’t really been feeling up to par, mainly with bits of sinuses not solely to the atmosphere yet partly to blame for it. Then some muscles aches and pains which is relieved by walking and keeping oneself limber. Nothing major fortunately. Everyone has something to contend with and one isn’t any different in that way. Try to put on a good front yet always am listening to one’s body and act accordingly. One will concur that chatting with friends or family when one’s mood is low isn’t the greatest idea: for one may give the impression that one is complaining, whining. This won’t bring a positive outcome and will make the situation difficult and then in the long run won’t bring a solution. One’s mood isn’t the fact that one will be a year older, the fact is that one welcomes the turnover. One shouldn’t pay any mind to what people say and in most cases one doesn’t. It’s what they think of one that really gets annoying. For instance, one sees in a recent picture of my cousin’s family that they are all dressed in their finery and one should be that way too. However one isn’t comfortable in dresses of all occasions. Perhaps once in a great while yet not on a daily basis. With feeling in that vane one seems to feel unaccepted by them. One knows that those thoughts are a myth.Yet one can’t think otherwise.

Entry for May 06, 2009″Always Be On Ones Tippy Toes”

May 6, 2009

The springtime warmth of the day ahead brings boating on the bay, as the temps are even with the evening breeze. An occasional cool wind dampens the spirit less often. The NYPD is now on high alert due to the recent gang member funeral taking place in NYC ( Queens, Far Rockaway) which involved a gang members attending. The NYPD are there to prevent the two warring gangs who have been at odds with each other since 2005. Members of the gang division will be present so violence won’t occur to any degree. Read an article from the that England and the British Isles are banning any and all hate groups. They have printed a list of them. There is an article in newsweek mag. of groups which taught hate to the young. There is a photograph of young children taught indoctrination by the people closest to them namely their parents, relatives friends. This is a disturbing aspect yet needs to be addressed, for others to be aware of what is going on in their midst. Is this some form of terrorism even if the occurrence is within our own borders, own country and in civilized nations as well. It is really hard to imagine that these events are still in the 21st century. When will the world wake up and smell the coffee?