Entry for May 06, 2009″Always Be On Ones Tippy Toes”

The springtime warmth of the day ahead brings boating on the bay, as the temps are even with the evening breeze. An occasional cool wind dampens the spirit less often. The NYPD is now on high alert due to the recent gang member funeral taking place in NYC ( Queens, Far Rockaway) which involved a gang members attending. The NYPD are there to prevent the two warring gangs who have been at odds with each other since 2005. Members of the gang division will be present so violence won’t occur to any degree. Read an article from the bbc.com that England and the British Isles are banning any and all hate groups. They have printed a list of them. There is an article in newsweek mag. of groups which taught hate to the young. There is a photograph of young children taught indoctrination by the people closest to them namely their parents, relatives friends. This is a disturbing aspect yet needs to be addressed, for others to be aware of what is going on in their midst. Is this some form of terrorism even if the occurrence is within our own borders, own country and in civilized nations as well. It is really hard to imagine that these events are still in the 21st century. When will the world wake up and smell the coffee?

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