Entry for May 08, 2009″ Emotions” Part I

With the sun peeking in and out of the clouds on a light breezy springlike early afternoon, one is filled with emotions. Trying one’s best to put oneself out of moods and not drift back to sullen moods.This will take sheer will power one is convinced that this will transpire eventually. This month is filled with birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduations as others prepare with events later on in life. One isn’t type to depend on anything to bring oneself in and out of moods. Haven’t really been feeling up to par, mainly with bits of sinuses not solely to the atmosphere yet partly to blame for it. Then some muscles aches and pains which is relieved by walking and keeping oneself limber. Nothing major fortunately. Everyone has something to contend with and one isn’t any different in that way. Try to put on a good front yet always am listening to one’s body and act accordingly. One will concur that chatting with friends or family when one’s mood is low isn’t the greatest idea: for one may give the impression that one is complaining, whining. This won’t bring a positive outcome and will make the situation difficult and then in the long run won’t bring a solution. One’s mood isn’t the fact that one will be a year older, the fact is that one welcomes the turnover. One shouldn’t pay any mind to what people say and in most cases one doesn’t. It’s what they think of one that really gets annoying. For instance, one sees in a recent picture of my cousin’s family that they are all dressed in their finery and one should be that way too. However one isn’t comfortable in dresses of all occasions. Perhaps once in a great while yet not on a daily basis. With feeling in that vane one seems to feel unaccepted by them. One knows that those thoughts are a myth.Yet one can’t think otherwise.

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