Entry for May 09, 2009″Emotions” Part 2

With a rainstorm overnight and countless billowing rain clouds above, one was amased at the passenger jet making way for a landing and suddenly disappeared into the clouds although one could hear the roar of the engine. On these typical rainy days it is a good idea to curl up with one’s favourite book, watch a good movie on dvd: which one did last night, viewed”The Bronx Tale”as it could be seen repeatedly; it is that good. As one may tell one’s emotions are in better tack than previously. If one may take a second an backtrack to how one was feeling: parents or one should say more precisely inheritance. It is mainly up to that individual person as to how one may look at the situation. Let one focus on the feeling of guilt. One tends to have this feeling once in a great while. It is how one was treated as a child. To have that feeling one had to be treated with shame. Looked up the word in the dictionary the other day and it was worded as one who has done wrong. So as a child one was mistreated emotionally and that is what was the stem. However this is an important angle it is how one may deal with it. So as one grew older it was a factor yet not essentially over took one’s essistence. One would have the feeling of not measuring up to one’s and more importantly to others standards. So one took the bull by its horns and simply paid no attention to some people who wanted and took pleasure in putting oneself down and paid attention to people who gave one confidence. One also knew how to tell the people apart. So as one still became an adult one found a simply solution. If one loves and respects others then and only then one may pay some attention to what they say. If one doesn’t then the attitude is to think so what who cares. So to clarify this don’t be overly sensitive and take people for what their worth. The people in one’s life are the most precious humans ever. Here is a rule of thumb don’t go down to their level. Make them come up to one’s level and if for some reason they don’t then they aren’t worth one’s time and energy. Always strive to be better.

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