Entry for May 11, 2009″Celebrations”

With the sun shining and a rather pretty sunset, not speaking of a red sails in the sunset by any stretch of the imagination, yet still the colours and glow were magnificent. Yesterday gave oneself a celebration by looking of the net and finding some and listening of portions of songs by Sandler and Young. Then later on in the day watching “The Reader and “The Duchess on dvd. These two movies were very good and worth one’s time. The books were far better in the fact that they went further into detail. One was better to have read the books first to get an idea of background on the subjects at hand and if one wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have read the books they would have missed out and particularly in “The Reader b/c the motion picture jump from the past to the present time and switch back again in continuous motion that one would have had a difficult time following the motion picture without have read the book beforehand. My son Andre also called me for Mother’s Day and wished me the best. Had a brief sweet conversation with him that justified his love. This was a tender warm feeling for me. He mentioned that on Thursday he would have another dentist appt having already had a previous one. This is essential to his overall health. We didn’t mention whether or not he would be coming to Madison to visit me and I am resigned to the fact that if he doesn’t we will plan to do it some other time in the future. Someone’s birthday is in a few days time. Namely mine.

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