Entry for May 13, 2009″Incomprehensible”

With a raining falling and thunderstorms later this evening and possibly severe one has the notion to stay indoors and spend part of the day on the computer; a hot cup of flavour soup or rice will be satisfactory along with a tumbler of tea, of course without ice will warm the heart. All the endless talk in the world won’t bring the five lives lost yesterday and the wounding of four others. This was a senseless act. This shooting took place at a stress center which was geered to prevent the opposite. It happened at Camp Liberty in Baghdad, Iraq. Of course for obvious reasons weapons aren’t allowed in the vicinity or for that matter within the center. The gun was confiscated from the shooter, Russell earlier in the day as an augument ensued. Russell then left the clinic and several hours later after overpowering a fellow comrade soldier took his weapon and returned to the center and went through hall and immediately randomly shot these people: some were clinic employees who were there to help soldiers with post tramatic syndome and suicide tendencies. This person Russell was serving his third deployment in Iraq and had only a minute time before finishing his stay there. The military police were called upon the time that Russell had taken the gun, however it was to late and the military police could hear gunfire in the background at the center. To date there have been 143 suicides of soldiers who have served in Iraq. This is a sad statement. Bob Woodruff who has in the past been to Iraq and have done some escellent documentaries on the war wounded could focus on this particular piece so that more citizens could be informed. This war in Iraq becomes more and more obvious this is an unhonorable act as from the very beginning until now. There should be a referendum in Congress to have all the troops come home. The US should now resign themselves that this war will and never be won.

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