Entry for May 14, 2009″Mistakes Upon Mistakes”

The spectacular panoramic view that for the most part unappreciated by some for they don’t know real beauty and take it for granted, as now the sun shines ever so brightly and takes a second or so to gently peek in and out of clouds and therefore takes a respite from time to time as well. The mistakes upon mistakes that this leader of the country is simply unprecedented b/c of lack of esperience. The Pentagon has fired a prominent general who has served honorably in Afghanistan. General David McKiernan wasn’t politically correct enough to suit this President of the U.S. McKiernan was replaced by Lt.Stanley McChrystal who will get his fourth star when he is sworn in to take his post. Mc Chrystal is a member of the US Defence Dept. and is in the special forces. He isn’t without controversy. He in fact mishandled a homicide investigation of a leading football player Pat Tillman who was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan. The Health System is a real mess with skyrocking costs.This administration definitely doesn’t have the answers. If this Health System bill passes the Congress and is signed into law, it will be worse than ever. It will take the private sector out and if one needs to go to the doctor for any reason, even for a check-up they must choose certain doctors who for the most part are unqualified and chosen by the government. They too must wait in long lines. In other words they will be treated like a number. In some cases people could die before a doctor could reach them for treatment. This is socialised medicine. There has to be a better way namely to be diplomatic and compromise. There is a petition circulating on the internet to draft Robert F. Kennedy Jr.for President of the US in 2012 or 2016. If RFKJr runs to which party will he be affiliated? Who will he pick for VP. for that person must be qualified as well. This is important too. Two questions are contemplated. Are the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan still be a culprit then? Will the US still be fighting a comprehensive health care bill then as well?

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