Entry for May 23, 2009″Faith Verses Fate”

The warmth of the day brings one to arise at twilight time just before sunrise, what a beautiful,peaceful time of day as the sun started to peak through the clouds. Then a news video report of a mother duck and her ducklings who are babies seems to be hours old, young and defendless were caught in a drain pipe and a banker in a nearby adjacent building notices these duckling up on the building, took time to encourage them to come down to join the mother. Then one by one the banker stood on the sidewalk and caught these baby ducklings. There were eight in all. The banker caught five of them and had to get a ladder to obtain the remaining three of them. After he accomplished that feat, the mother and babies were together. There was an upcoming parade about to begin in a hour’s time. So the people in Spokane,Wa. were there for that and the people then began to cheer for the mother and the babies until they reached the bay’s edge and when in the water at last. Then on the same day here is Madison,Wi. there were some mother ducks and ducklings in the bay. Is this an omen or what! When some is ill the logical fact within reason is to provide treatment, to seek a professional in a specific field in which proper care maybe provided and in case health is restored. And then pray in the process. Prayer is used only when all treatment is provided. Prayer isn’t a replacement for treatment. A case in Wi. and another case in Minn. deals in the estreme. These people are radicals and should be criminally prosecuted to the ultimate degree. It is so very wrong not to seek treatment when it is available to aid the person. How do these people say that they love their children when their action speak differently? How do these people have the audacity to act for another human being and take matters in their own hands? In the Congo, there are tens of thousands of street children who are let go from their families simply b/c of a local Christian pastor working for profit says these children are witches and he performs exorcism with a burning candle. The local authority refuses to take action, which is abominable which is worse and the practise is continuing. It is completely irresponsible and absurd. Morons and criminally moronic is all on can say. Have to dignify it with a comment.

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