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“Taking A Page”

June 30, 2009

While the last couple of days seem to be rather cooler than usual with a hit of rain on the horison: it is somewhat a nice change from the norm. With recent news reports on Chicago’s southside of gang related crimes, notably of a nine year old being shot in the neck and her father and grandfather being injured in the mishap: while the intended victim was to be the father instead of this small child will be forever a travesty. The shooter was said to be a teenager whose mother turned her son into police as she feared for his safety. There have been countless incidents such as these described and for that matter there will be many others in the future. The country of Northern Ireland have decommissioned their guns which is a very positive sign and the US should be taking a page out of their book and do the same thing here. If not it could be and very well be a precipice. Needless to say it is easier said than done, however preparations should be taken in this direction for the mere safety of others. It could be glimmers or grains of truth which could hold the outcome of people involved in this situation. The UVF Progressive Unionist Party is supposedly taking credit for this happening. A similar idea could get underway in the US, with groups of civic, church leaders taking a stand and saying enough is enough with this senseless violence, and do it in a positive way such as encouraging neighbours to work toward this goal. If for instance an incentive could be offered or contests in which prizes could be for the winner. Anything and everything to achieve this goal.

” A Privilege”

June 26, 2009

With looming storms in the foreground and another warm day ahead, one is contemplating a privilege that’s attributed to a citizen of this country and many take it as a matter of fact. With privilege comes responsibility. There is also a mere sense of pride in that there is freedom. There is Philadelphia which was the former capital of the US now being Washington, DC. Along with that analogy let’s be cognizance when speaking of prominent places the Statue of Liberty overlooking the Manhattan which is on the East River. The recent elections which were in Iran took an unfortunate downturn. Granted given there was a choice between President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the opposition candidate. The opponent had many followers and the voting seemed to have the opponent winning at one point as the election was coming down to the wire in close votes. However with analogue the election turns to President Ahmadinejad as the victor. With that sudden outcome the people of Iran turn their frustration, anger, disappointment to the streets in a protest. This protest was made up of  university students, young men and women, the elderly, middle age, and a populace of citizens who just wanted to voice their opinion in a non- violent way. The populace came from other cities as well to the capital of Teheran. Seeing that the demonstrators were far outnumbered: the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gave warnings if the protesters continued with their actions. In a televised interview, Khamenei reacted with cold stonelike emotions. More protesters were on the streets than previously and Ahmadinejad’s iron clad guards with tactical measures reacted to the protesters in a very unhuman and animalistic way: as to beatings with clubs. Today it hasn’t been resolved as it continues to be a massacre. Many were killed, injured. The President refuses to take blame for what has happen within his own country. He blames the US for insighting the violence. The US was just trying to report in a respective way. While trying to do so these reporters were unable to go out of their hotel rooms for fear of retaliation so therefore they had to stay within to listen and report via computer. A remembrance of the Islamic Revolution comes to mind when speaking of this epic. Unfortunately everything revolves around Islamic religion and that is ok as long as it works for them and others countries in the same venue. There isn’t a separation of church and state as it is in the US. Here politicians may bicker about who is correct on certain issues yet they always will adhere  to what the founding fathers had pronounced. So as Americans will celebrate in a few days hence let’s all have respect, and fond memories.


June 25, 2009

As the summerlike day is upon oneself, weatherwise it is far better that other places in which one has resided. Yesterday had finished a book by Malachy Mc Court” The Monk Swimming”. It is a sequel to ” Singing My Him Song”. Before that one read “The History Of Ireland”. This author has a wonderful sense of humour and espresses this trait in these books mentioned. They are very informative, entertaining, well written and above all that honest. Having the precedence a priority of still traveling to DC to spend a short visit with one’s cousin Mike and possibly his family as well providing one has  the cooperation of one’s brother and wife whom one will be staying while on the journey. And yet my son, Andre is scheduled to come to Madison in early August and that is becomes a priority as well. That is always in the back of one’s thought as if one thinks about it then all concentration goes literally out the window. So it is apparent that one temporarily thinks of other items pressing one’s daily routine. Although one chats with him weekly, it isn’t the same as viewing each other face to face. It has been five years as one hasn’t seen him as one has chatted this statement in a previous blog and it is natural to feel an emotional trait when even approaching this subject. One goes on continually and one has to catch oneself  in realising the emotional attachment, and at the same time he is an adult. This is a natural trait in the way of one’s feeling. Have been keeping in contact with friends /family via emails and facebook. This really aids in the process. Might add that health continues on the upswing too.

” The Art Of Self Espression”

June 24, 2009

As the sultry days of summer gets underway, it is surprisingly shady while one takes daily strolls in the course of the day before the sun becomes the brightest. It is rather refreshing in the morn, as one views an occasional bit of nature. There are also fewer joggers and people in general at that particular time. One is reminded of the art of self espression in the fact of these abominable establishments called cash america who litterly prey on the poor, ignorant, uneducated and the like human beings. These so called places are an eyesore to human dignity and in some way shape and form should be investigated and close down. One will never take advantage of their services either.One has paid close attention to the news reports of their unethical practises. These places are invariably in very poor sections of each and every city in the U.S. It is comparable to liqueur stores on each corner just waiting for the young, underaged drinker. To one’s amasement added to one’s revolt after further thought there was one near where one’s strolls hidden on a major street. For esample, if someone would avail themselves of their services they would be charged with a huge amount of interest as to the many times they would be asked to borrow on their own hardworking paychecks. It is like loan sharking. One has a secret thought of perhaps these people are the mafia who have gone legitimate. It is a shameful situation that they aren’t breaking the law yet come so close in so doing.

“A Piece Of The Puzzle”

June 15, 2009

As one was strolling one viewed the shades,shapes and hues of the ominous various clouds above as the rays of light of the sun shown on them as they appeared as if to be mountains, hills and vallies all wrap up in wonder. Then to couple that with seeing a tiny bird no bigger than a minute walking to and fro on the sunny road then suddenly go under a car into the cool shade. One contemplated was this baby bird looking frantically for its mother and had fallen from a nearby tree. Finding a piece of a puzzle is a hard nut to crack when one is only given names by a nincompoop of a mother and nothing else. None of the other immediate family members could recall any info or for that matter had any interest in doing so. However in a brief chat with one’s sister Vivian who has a source of info when proded has given one more info than most. So with the littleness of info one would make deductions and conclusions that were wrong initially and then with more intuitiveness it turns out correctly. Case being, when one had gotten an answer from an email sent saying about one’s cousin. Thought that he was responding and it turned out to be his son who has the same name. Then in another response to yet another email. One had recalled the name Michael Scott and looked up into the closet for an album that contained a picture of one’s  Aunt Cora holding Michael Scott as a young baby. In the course of reading this email further, Judy his wife said that she is married to Michael Scott: Audrey’s brother and Austin’s father. Now at last these two names that Mother had spoken of about Micheal Scott and Audrey are now known. When one doesn’t even have an epicenter as to where to commense it is merely up to determination on one’s part. Where there is a will there is a way.

“Someone Isn’t Forgotten”

June 13, 2009

As the light rains gently falls on the earth’s surface, as birds are twittering their cheerful songs of delight and ducklings fly on the ledge of the bay to take a respite from the rolling water the day is underway with enthusiasm. Earlier this month one commemorated one’s sister birthday. Growing up we were eight years apart in age however it didn’t deter oneself in the least. One’s brother was closer in age and both had a better understanding of each other’s feeling. That isn’t to say that one didn’t ask from time to time how things were going and how she was: as we went our separate ways in life yet always sharing the sisterly love yet never sharing the friendship that accompanies that feeling. One’s parent’s had the despicable propensity of driving each apart that was mainly part of that situation. One’s sister had left the earth due to a heart attack brought on by stress with taking care of one’s elderly mother and with a that combination in her own life. The final time one saw her was at a gathering of family’s members. When one appears one was very uncomfortable as one was asked questions. One would have to say ‘Oh, no I’m Grace. The uneasiness arose from the fact that we were a spitting image of each other down to the personality. One’s sister left two beautiful daughters, Christal named after her mother and Elizabeth who is one’s middle name. The girls were earth shaken at a young and impressionable age. One’s aim is to build a bridge to keep in contact with other family members and mostly to include and not exclude anyone in that process.


June 12, 2009

As the sun is rising yet upon another day gets underway.One must say that this is my first time on this particular site as it all seems like a new adventure of sorts. One had previously blogged on yahoo 360 and in a course of two years time had accumulated 250 blogs which I was very content with them. Then just recently one learned that the site was closing for some unknown reason and then it was a scramble to transfer one’s blogs and personal info to a site assigned to me by yahoo 360. I wasn’t very connect with the new one as I had preferred to stay with yahoo 360. However I thought to oneself”let’s work with instead of against: so as timeframe proceeded one did just that. One had transferred all the blogs and personal info to the new and as they informed people improved site successfully. Thinking this were coming about in a smooth transition one had updated one’s profile and one was having a fine time in doing so. Then out of the blue the site crashed and it was a start of more myxomatosis of moods within oneself. Tried to no avail to get answers from people one thought were knowledgeable in that way. So frustrated,annoyed and concerned one viewed to see if the blogs were still there on the site that is closing and to my astonishment they were all in tack. One started to blog previously on the site assigned to me and there were flaws that indicated that it was as reliable as one wanted it to be. One’s urge to blog compelled me to do it on the site provided me. Then after one posted it which was entitled this title I found a strange character which was a form of a box inside the blog and it was in front of the titled name. Needlless to say I was very distaught b/c when if one blogged any entry, it had to be perfection or nearly to that. This is one’s third time in blogging this subject. So hopefully it will be a charm.