As the sun is rising yet upon another day gets underway.One must say that this is my first time on this particular site as it all seems like a new adventure of sorts. One had previously blogged on yahoo 360 and in a course of two years time had accumulated 250 blogs which I was very content with them. Then just recently one learned that the site was closing for some unknown reason and then it was a scramble to transfer one’s blogs and personal info to a site assigned to me by yahoo 360. I wasn’t very connect with the new one as I had preferred to stay with yahoo 360. However I thought to oneself”let’s work with instead of against: so as timeframe proceeded one did just that. One had transferred all the blogs and personal info to the new and as they informed people improved site successfully. Thinking this were coming about in a smooth transition one had updated one’s profile and one was having a fine time in doing so. Then out of the blue the site crashed and it was a start of more myxomatosis of moods within oneself. Tried to no avail to get answers from people one thought were knowledgeable in that way. So frustrated,annoyed and concerned one viewed to see if the blogs were still there on the site that is closing and to my astonishment they were all in tack. One started to blog previously on the site assigned to me and there were flaws that indicated that it was as reliable as one wanted it to be. One’s urge to blog compelled me to do it on the site provided me. Then after one posted it which was entitled this title I found a strange character which was a form of a box inside the blog and it was in front of the titled name. Needlless to say I was very distaught b/c when if one blogged any entry, it had to be perfection or nearly to that. This is one’s third time in blogging this subject. So hopefully it will be a charm.

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