“Someone Isn’t Forgotten”

As the light rains gently falls on the earth’s surface, as birds are twittering their cheerful songs of delight and ducklings fly on the ledge of the bay to take a respite from the rolling water the day is underway with enthusiasm. Earlier this month one commemorated one’s sister birthday. Growing up we were eight years apart in age however it didn’t deter oneself in the least. One’s brother was closer in age and both had a better understanding of each other’s feeling. That isn’t to say that one didn’t ask from time to time how things were going and how she was: as we went our separate ways in life yet always sharing the sisterly love yet never sharing the friendship that accompanies that feeling. One’s parent’s had the despicable propensity of driving each apart that was mainly part of that situation. One’s sister had left the earth due to a heart attack brought on by stress with taking care of one’s elderly mother and with a that combination in her own life. The final time one saw her was at a gathering of family’s members. When one appears one was very uncomfortable as one was asked questions. One would have to say ‘Oh, no I’m Grace. The uneasiness arose from the fact that we were a spitting image of each other down to the personality. One’s sister left two beautiful daughters, Christal named after her mother and Elizabeth who is one’s middle name. The girls were earth shaken at a young and impressionable age. One’s aim is to build a bridge to keep in contact with other family members and mostly to include and not exclude anyone in that process.


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