“A Piece Of The Puzzle”

As one was strolling one viewed the shades,shapes and hues of the ominous various clouds above as the rays of light of the sun shown on them as they appeared as if to be mountains, hills and vallies all wrap up in wonder. Then to couple that with seeing a tiny bird no bigger than a minute walking to and fro on the sunny road then suddenly go under a car into the cool shade. One contemplated was this baby bird looking frantically for its mother and had fallen from a nearby tree. Finding a piece of a puzzle is a hard nut to crack when one is only given names by a nincompoop of a mother and nothing else. None of the other immediate family members could recall any info or for that matter had any interest in doing so. However in a brief chat with one’s sister Vivian who has a source of info when proded has given one more info than most. So with the littleness of info one would make deductions and conclusions that were wrong initially and then with more intuitiveness it turns out correctly. Case being, when one had gotten an answer from an email sent saying about one’s cousin. Thought that he was responding and it turned out to be his son who has the same name. Then in another response to yet another email. One had recalled the name Michael Scott and looked up into the closet for an album that contained a picture of one’s  Aunt Cora holding Michael Scott as a young baby. In the course of reading this email further, Judy his wife said that she is married to Michael Scott: Audrey’s brother and Austin’s father. Now at last these two names that Mother had spoken of about Micheal Scott and Audrey are now known. When one doesn’t even have an epicenter as to where to commense it is merely up to determination on one’s part. Where there is a will there is a way.


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