” The Art Of Self Espression”

As the sultry days of summer gets underway, it is surprisingly shady while one takes daily strolls in the course of the day before the sun becomes the brightest. It is rather refreshing in the morn, as one views an occasional bit of nature. There are also fewer joggers and people in general at that particular time. One is reminded of the art of self espression in the fact of these abominable establishments called cash america who litterly prey on the poor, ignorant, uneducated and the like human beings. These so called places are an eyesore to human dignity and in some way shape and form should be investigated and close down. One will never take advantage of their services either.One has paid close attention to the news reports of their unethical practises. These places are invariably in very poor sections of each and every city in the U.S. It is comparable to liqueur stores on each corner just waiting for the young, underaged drinker. To one’s amasement added to one’s revolt after further thought there was one near where one’s strolls hidden on a major street. For esample, if someone would avail themselves of their services they would be charged with a huge amount of interest as to the many times they would be asked to borrow on their own hardworking paychecks. It is like loan sharking. One has a secret thought of perhaps these people are the mafia who have gone legitimate. It is a shameful situation that they aren’t breaking the law yet come so close in so doing.


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