As the summerlike day is upon oneself, weatherwise it is far better that other places in which one has resided. Yesterday had finished a book by Malachy Mc Court” The Monk Swimming”. It is a sequel to ” Singing My Him Song”. Before that one read “The History Of Ireland”. This author has a wonderful sense of humour and espresses this trait in these books mentioned. They are very informative, entertaining, well written and above all that honest. Having the precedence a priority of still traveling to DC to spend a short visit with one’s cousin Mike and possibly his family as well providing one has  the cooperation of one’s brother and wife whom one will be staying while on the journey. And yet my son, Andre is scheduled to come to Madison in early August and that is becomes a priority as well. That is always in the back of one’s thought as if one thinks about it then all concentration goes literally out the window. So it is apparent that one temporarily thinks of other items pressing one’s daily routine. Although one chats with him weekly, it isn’t the same as viewing each other face to face. It has been five years as one hasn’t seen him as one has chatted this statement in a previous blog and it is natural to feel an emotional trait when even approaching this subject. One goes on continually and one has to catch oneself  in realising the emotional attachment, and at the same time he is an adult. This is a natural trait in the way of one’s feeling. Have been keeping in contact with friends /family via emails and facebook. This really aids in the process. Might add that health continues on the upswing too.


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