” A Privilege”

With looming storms in the foreground and another warm day ahead, one is contemplating a privilege that’s attributed to a citizen of this country and many take it as a matter of fact. With privilege comes responsibility. There is also a mere sense of pride in that there is freedom. There is Philadelphia which was the former capital of the US now being Washington, DC. Along with that analogy let’s be cognizance when speaking of prominent places the Statue of Liberty overlooking the Manhattan which is on the East River. The recent elections which were in Iran took an unfortunate downturn. Granted given there was a choice between President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the opposition candidate. The opponent had many followers and the voting seemed to have the opponent winning at one point as the election was coming down to the wire in close votes. However with analogue the election turns to President Ahmadinejad as the victor. With that sudden outcome the people of Iran turn their frustration, anger, disappointment to the streets in a protest. This protest was made up of  university students, young men and women, the elderly, middle age, and a populace of citizens who just wanted to voice their opinion in a non- violent way. The populace came from other cities as well to the capital of Teheran. Seeing that the demonstrators were far outnumbered: the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gave warnings if the protesters continued with their actions. In a televised interview, Khamenei reacted with cold stonelike emotions. More protesters were on the streets than previously and Ahmadinejad’s iron clad guards with tactical measures reacted to the protesters in a very unhuman and animalistic way: as to beatings with clubs. Today it hasn’t been resolved as it continues to be a massacre. Many were killed, injured. The President refuses to take blame for what has happen within his own country. He blames the US for insighting the violence. The US was just trying to report in a respective way. While trying to do so these reporters were unable to go out of their hotel rooms for fear of retaliation so therefore they had to stay within to listen and report via computer. A remembrance of the Islamic Revolution comes to mind when speaking of this epic. Unfortunately everything revolves around Islamic religion and that is ok as long as it works for them and others countries in the same venue. There isn’t a separation of church and state as it is in the US. Here politicians may bicker about who is correct on certain issues yet they always will adhere  to what the founding fathers had pronounced. So as Americans will celebrate in a few days hence let’s all have respect, and fond memories.


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