“Taking A Page”

While the last couple of days seem to be rather cooler than usual with a hit of rain on the horison: it is somewhat a nice change from the norm. With recent news reports on Chicago’s southside of gang related crimes, notably of a nine year old being shot in the neck and her father and grandfather being injured in the mishap: while the intended victim was to be the father instead of this small child will be forever a travesty. The shooter was said to be a teenager whose mother turned her son into police as she feared for his safety. There have been countless incidents such as these described and for that matter there will be many others in the future. The country of Northern Ireland have decommissioned their guns which is a very positive sign and the US should be taking a page out of their book and do the same thing here. If not it could be and very well be a precipice. Needless to say it is easier said than done, however preparations should be taken in this direction for the mere safety of others. It could be glimmers or grains of truth which could hold the outcome of people involved in this situation. The UVF Progressive Unionist Party is supposedly taking credit for this happening. A similar idea could get underway in the US, with groups of civic, church leaders taking a stand and saying enough is enough with this senseless violence, and do it in a positive way such as encouraging neighbours to work toward this goal. If for instance an incentive could be offered or contests in which prizes could be for the winner. Anything and everything to achieve this goal.


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