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July 31, 2009

With the new day underway as one had awoke with having had enough sleep and had taken a daily stroll near the bay, one had viewed the sparkling water.  It is apparent that when one is waiting for something to occur the time seems to creep by and doesn’t seem to go at a normal pace. One has heard from one’s brother’s wife and it was rather an amusing incident. One had phone her just after she had sent an email to oneself which one didn’t see until after the fact. And it was the time in which she had said. To oneself it was mental telepathy. In the course of chatting via phone spoke about the appropriate dates that would be good in the upcoming visit. With that ironed out, agreement with one’s brother as well and one had heard from one’s cousin, in was apparent that  the event was progressing. Now it was time to purchase an air ticket. One had periodically been viewing them since April being that one had to consider price. One is a creature of habit as to continually plan in advance that it is far too stressful otherwise. Being that one doesn’t have and doesn’t desire a credit card, it is one’s choice to ask one’s friends/ relatives about this situation. That one knows who to ask and one knows who not to ask. Had asked one’s niece b/c she has experience in this matter and knows  how to do this in a relatively short period of time. Had prefaced the introduction with pleasantries along the way as that is one’s nature overall. In the course of time had sent her several emails regarding this issue. Hadn’t heard either way from her so one had the notion of phoning her and one did so and left a message for her as her young son answered the phone. Then while chatting with one’s sister as one had done over a period of time: one had only mentioned to one’s sister to remind her daughter in the progression of the air ticket. Then without a breath one’s sister said a barrage of this and that and it was totally in her nature and one was caught off guard. Now that was a week ago. Don’t make it a practice to go through people, like to go to people and air what is on one’s mind, as one likes to air differences as well. Then the following day had received an email from one’s neice and she informed me that her computer had been down and she was having to go to her stepmoms to see about any email. That was a logical reason and she said that she would look for air tickets on Thursday which was yesterday. So in the meantime I chatted to a friend via email to see if this friend would do this and then one said that one’s niece would do it. So it is now ongoing and as the time goes one is doing one’s best to remain calm. The anticipation is forth coming.

“A Teacher”

July 20, 2009

As the day gets underway with sunshine on the horison and seasonably warmer with conduciveness attributed to the season of summer although with a morning chill it tends to lend variety. Yesterday in a New York City hospice Frank Mc Court was taken from the world as if  Our Lord and Master tapped him him on his shoulder and said in a gentle voice; ” your time on earth is up, please let’s come”. Frank Mc Court was a well known author late in his life, as he wrote “Angela’s Ashes, Tis, and Teacher Man”. He taught in an unconventional way the subject of English in the Bedford Stuyvesant high schools in which these schools are both a challenge and a reward for the fact that they have the roughest groups of students in the country. These students are for the most part incorrigible for many reasons. Yet Mr. Frank Mc Court found a way to get through to these students by way of story telling. This was by no means a piece of cake for him. He used dedication, fortitude, persistance, and intuitiveness. One had made a comment on Facebook and part of it is worth repeating. The world was far better with Frank Mc Court in it. He overcame much and succeeded with dignity and that is all one may ask of someone. Though he wasn’t a saint yet he was an inspiration to all that came in his path yet at the same time he was human and had the same frailness. He is unselfish to a fault as he brought his mother to the U.S. and his brothers, Malachy, Alphie and Michael to have them enjoy the treasures of a new and prosperous life with hard work and showed them by esample that all could be achieved if only for desiring it.

“Right To Choose”

July 17, 2009

It is surprisingly cooler now as before one closed the shades last night, closed the windows as well. It is cloudy now however yet the air is still as it appears rain is on the way. One is favored to have a woman’s right to choose. If one looks at it in a way of saving the populace already here on earth and looks at it in a practical common sense view it makes a logical point. If one is pregnant and has a sonogram and sees the fetus as something that is severely out of line to the normalcy then it is one’s view that the woman’s right to choose comes into play. Of course it stands to reason that it is a case by case and it is between the woman and her doctor. A woman has to deal with her own conscience and if the fetus is severely malformed then actions should be taken in the first trimester. One is never in favored of late termed for that seems very cruel and most unjust. Take for instance a number a human beings awarded to the state b/c their families are unable of care for them. It must be heart breaking to put a family member into a facility b/c of the monumental espense and the lack of knowledge provided to care for such an individual. Look at the countless individuals unable to care for themselves and are in a vegetative state. These people are unable to recognise their own members of their family much less their friends. It is a true sense of sadness to be cared for by strangers paid for by the state and/or private agencies to care for them and to keep these individuals alive. They aren’t alive in a sense they are only existing day by day. What a sorrowful state of affairs that must be for their families to endure. A fetus should be terminated in the case of rape, or incest in one’s view. Look at all the unwed mothers on welfare. In the state of Wisconsin one read that a woman may have a total of three children and still receive welfare. This is very bad in the sense of contributing to the slothiness of these individuals. Look at all the money that is paid out each month. It is unjust practise.

“In Disarray”

July 13, 2009

As the gentle breezes with very low humidity, if not only slightly it is a good thought to be outdoors enjoying the warmth and sunshine. To take a stroll near the bay as one did earlier. In the midst of the walk one stopped at Subway and complimented them on the service yesterday and proceeded to inquire how often do they bake the cookies: as one depleted them of all their macadamians which were ten and one will have each cookie and some tea for breakfast. They replied that they bake them in the morning and if the volume is there then they would do a batch in the evening. All of them are fresh. Both the rail and bus system is in disarray. If one had to take a bus from point A to point B one would have to transfer and wait wasted time and sometimes in the process end up in poor bad areas of the city.That is why one will take a cab even if there is more money in the long run. This isn’t initially only in this particular city. There are many just like these modes. Only the major cities have the advantage. The rail system is worse, with unscheduled stops in very small unknown places just to take up and waste the time of passengers. The railroad tracks are very old and need much repair as many accidents take place from time to time yet nothing is done to mend the problem. There should be a better solution to this problem however it all boils down to the almightly dollar and there never is enough of that. Yet politicians continue to waste the tax payer’s money. There is an Amtrack in Indpls, Milwaukee,and of course Chicago, yet none here in Madison. Leave to up to the people here which are not the brightest. I guess one has to conclude that the people here like their cars better which give of added polution.

“Too Young”

July 12, 2009

As the summer day gets into full swing, it is good to have the cool breezes at night althought one was restless as one’s mind was racing however managed to obtain a good night’s sleep as one finally drifted off. It is too young in one’s view to be able to obtain a driver’s permit. There are many who don’t listen and have the notion that they have invincibility. The young in most cases have bad judgement. One isn’t speaking of the interruptions one has on a normal basis such as mobile phone use, texting etc., as adults are doing that in record numbers. A good rule of thumb before the young actually get their license is to sit in a chair with a computer screen in front of them and have a remote control hand signal as they are actually driving a car and view the impact of their mistakes if for instance they speed, or go over the designated speed limit even be five or ten miles, parking and parallel parking,backing out of driveways and giving the pedestrians the rightaway. And the point is what would happen if they don’t adhere to these rules. Give them graffic esamples as to the consequences. If for instance they don’t adhere to traffic signals and go ahead anyway when a train is coming. There was an incident yesterday in a suburb of Detroit where a driver with a suspended license in a car with five other young people were killed when the driver ignored the signals when the train was in full view and thought he could beat the train. The driver was nineteen years of age and the passengers were around the same ages, although one passenger was only fourteen years of age. One would think that at that age being nineteen one would have the presence of mind to know better. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. And along with his life he took four others with him.

“Brave Ones”

July 11, 2009

As the summertime is in full swing, many families enjoy the myriad of beaches as sunbathers are in the midst and sandcastles are carefully constructed. There are a chosen few who dedicate their lives to finding the lost. The training which must be instilled in them on a daily basis is nothing short of incredible. They must endure long periods of time without the nearest of family members although the endless love for them is ever in their hearts. These brave ones are always on call when disaster strikes such as a commercial jet with a crew and several hundred passengers on board and for some unknown reason it goes into the ocean. What are these brave ones thinking while putting on their diving apparatus and diving into the ocean? These brave ones work with diligence as a team and will go to depths of fifty thousand feet to the mere bottom of the ocean in order to reach these people who have met their demise in such a way. Again what are these brave ones thinking as they are going to such depths in order to get a handle on the situation? Would one think it is a matter of just carrying out their job? One would surmise that it is a matter of principle. Sabastian Junger has written eloquently about these tasks. The book that comes to mind is the perfect storm. His books account for the dramatic rescue of someone something in some matter shape or form. One must add at this point that his books are highly recommended. In some cases the brave ones are in hot pursuit to recouver the bodies and to find the black box which will give some indication as to the cause of the mishap. One must add that the black box isn’t actually black, it is orange.


July 10, 2009

As the storms were overnight it still is a pleasant change with seasonable temps for this month. This strong wind, with rain was good as one slept so soundly all one felt was the gentle breeze as one had the windows opened. One always liked the trait of sarcasm in others. It takes a sense of insight, knowledge to know when it is appropriate and when it isn’t. Surely there are times that sarcasm isn’t correct and as to others enjoying it or not. In other words there is a time and place for it and others must share in it and appreciate it just the same. There are esamples. If one has tried their level best to try to esplain something to someone countless times and it is in a debate about some certain subject and the other doesn’t comprehend for the reason that it won’t register. One’s response is what part of that don’t you understand. Usually that phase will hit home. Another one would be if the other person has asked oneself over and over again and one has answered the same question in many different ways and still the person won’t get it. One’s response would be: I’ll be there as soon as your comfort becomes important to me. Sarcasm is good to poke fun at situations rather than people. If a situation in a person’s life can’t be changed and instead of whining and bemoaning the fact therefore in the process getting on others nerves and irk or irritating them: it is better to use some sarcarm and laugh at the whole situation in attempt to ease the tensions. Complaining isn’t going to make it better and in some cases may make the situation worse. So use sarcasm as a form of laughter to make light of what is there.