“Brave Ones”

As the summertime is in full swing, many families enjoy the myriad of beaches as sunbathers are in the midst and sandcastles are carefully constructed. There are a chosen few who dedicate their lives to finding the lost. The training which must be instilled in them on a daily basis is nothing short of incredible. They must endure long periods of time without the nearest of family members although the endless love for them is ever in their hearts. These brave ones are always on call when disaster strikes such as a commercial jet with a crew and several hundred passengers on board and for some unknown reason it goes into the ocean. What are these brave ones thinking while putting on their diving apparatus and diving into the ocean? These brave ones work with diligence as a team and will go to depths of fifty thousand feet to the mere bottom of the ocean in order to reach these people who have met their demise in such a way. Again what are these brave ones thinking as they are going to such depths in order to get a handle on the situation? Would one think it is a matter of just carrying out their job? One would surmise that it is a matter of principle. Sabastian Junger has written eloquently about these tasks. The book that comes to mind is the perfect storm. His books account for the dramatic rescue of someone something in some matter shape or form. One must add at this point that his books are highly recommended. In some cases the brave ones are in hot pursuit to recouver the bodies and to find the black box which will give some indication as to the cause of the mishap. One must add that the black box isn’t actually black, it is orange.


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