“Too Young”

As the summer day gets into full swing, it is good to have the cool breezes at night althought one was restless as one’s mind was racing however managed to obtain a good night’s sleep as one finally drifted off. It is too young in one’s view to be able to obtain a driver’s permit. There are many who don’t listen and have the notion that they have invincibility. The young in most cases have bad judgement. One isn’t speaking of the interruptions one has on a normal basis such as mobile phone use, texting etc., as adults are doing that in record numbers. A good rule of thumb before the young actually get their license is to sit in a chair with a computer screen in front of them and have a remote control hand signal as they are actually driving a car and view the impact of their mistakes if for instance they speed, or go over the designated speed limit even be five or ten miles, parking and parallel parking,backing out of driveways and giving the pedestrians the rightaway. And the point is what would happen if they don’t adhere to these rules. Give them graffic esamples as to the consequences. If for instance they don’t adhere to traffic signals and go ahead anyway when a train is coming. There was an incident yesterday in a suburb of Detroit where a driver with a suspended license in a car with five other young people were killed when the driver ignored the signals when the train was in full view and thought he could beat the train. The driver was nineteen years of age and the passengers were around the same ages, although one passenger was only fourteen years of age. One would think that at that age being nineteen one would have the presence of mind to know better. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. And along with his life he took four others with him.


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