“Right To Choose”

It is surprisingly cooler now as before one closed the shades last night, closed the windows as well. It is cloudy now however yet the air is still as it appears rain is on the way. One is favored to have a woman’s right to choose. If one looks at it in a way of saving the populace already here on earth and looks at it in a practical common sense view it makes a logical point. If one is pregnant and has a sonogram and sees the fetus as something that is severely out of line to the normalcy then it is one’s view that the woman’s right to choose comes into play. Of course it stands to reason that it is a case by case and it is between the woman and her doctor. A woman has to deal with her own conscience and if the fetus is severely malformed then actions should be taken in the first trimester. One is never in favored of late termed for that seems very cruel and most unjust. Take for instance a number a human beings awarded to the state b/c their families are unable of care for them. It must be heart breaking to put a family member into a facility b/c of the monumental espense and the lack of knowledge provided to care for such an individual. Look at the countless individuals unable to care for themselves and are in a vegetative state. These people are unable to recognise their own members of their family much less their friends. It is a true sense of sadness to be cared for by strangers paid for by the state and/or private agencies to care for them and to keep these individuals alive. They aren’t alive in a sense they are only existing day by day. What a sorrowful state of affairs that must be for their families to endure. A fetus should be terminated in the case of rape, or incest in one’s view. Look at all the unwed mothers on welfare. In the state of Wisconsin one read that a woman may have a total of three children and still receive welfare. This is very bad in the sense of contributing to the slothiness of these individuals. Look at all the money that is paid out each month. It is unjust practise.


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