“A Teacher”

As the day gets underway with sunshine on the horison and seasonably warmer with conduciveness attributed to the season of summer although with a morning chill it tends to lend variety. Yesterday in a New York City hospice Frank Mc Court was taken from the world as if  Our Lord and Master tapped him him on his shoulder and said in a gentle voice; ” your time on earth is up, please let’s come”. Frank Mc Court was a well known author late in his life, as he wrote “Angela’s Ashes, Tis, and Teacher Man”. He taught in an unconventional way the subject of English in the Bedford Stuyvesant high schools in which these schools are both a challenge and a reward for the fact that they have the roughest groups of students in the country. These students are for the most part incorrigible for many reasons. Yet Mr. Frank Mc Court found a way to get through to these students by way of story telling. This was by no means a piece of cake for him. He used dedication, fortitude, persistance, and intuitiveness. One had made a comment on Facebook and part of it is worth repeating. The world was far better with Frank Mc Court in it. He overcame much and succeeded with dignity and that is all one may ask of someone. Though he wasn’t a saint yet he was an inspiration to all that came in his path yet at the same time he was human and had the same frailness. He is unselfish to a fault as he brought his mother to the U.S. and his brothers, Malachy, Alphie and Michael to have them enjoy the treasures of a new and prosperous life with hard work and showed them by esample that all could be achieved if only for desiring it.


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