With the new day underway as one had awoke with having had enough sleep and had taken a daily stroll near the bay, one had viewed the sparkling water.  It is apparent that when one is waiting for something to occur the time seems to creep by and doesn’t seem to go at a normal pace. One has heard from one’s brother’s wife and it was rather an amusing incident. One had phone her just after she had sent an email to oneself which one didn’t see until after the fact. And it was the time in which she had said. To oneself it was mental telepathy. In the course of chatting via phone spoke about the appropriate dates that would be good in the upcoming visit. With that ironed out, agreement with one’s brother as well and one had heard from one’s cousin, in was apparent that  the event was progressing. Now it was time to purchase an air ticket. One had periodically been viewing them since April being that one had to consider price. One is a creature of habit as to continually plan in advance that it is far too stressful otherwise. Being that one doesn’t have and doesn’t desire a credit card, it is one’s choice to ask one’s friends/ relatives about this situation. That one knows who to ask and one knows who not to ask. Had asked one’s niece b/c she has experience in this matter and knows  how to do this in a relatively short period of time. Had prefaced the introduction with pleasantries along the way as that is one’s nature overall. In the course of time had sent her several emails regarding this issue. Hadn’t heard either way from her so one had the notion of phoning her and one did so and left a message for her as her young son answered the phone. Then while chatting with one’s sister as one had done over a period of time: one had only mentioned to one’s sister to remind her daughter in the progression of the air ticket. Then without a breath one’s sister said a barrage of this and that and it was totally in her nature and one was caught off guard. Now that was a week ago. Don’t make it a practice to go through people, like to go to people and air what is on one’s mind, as one likes to air differences as well. Then the following day had received an email from one’s neice and she informed me that her computer had been down and she was having to go to her stepmoms to see about any email. That was a logical reason and she said that she would look for air tickets on Thursday which was yesterday. So in the meantime I chatted to a friend via email to see if this friend would do this and then one said that one’s niece would do it. So it is now ongoing and as the time goes one is doing one’s best to remain calm. The anticipation is forth coming.


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