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August 31, 2009

With the sun shining and the somewhat cool temps on the last day of the eighth month, one is reminded of several interludes in the past in particularily focusing on the Irish vane. The first interlude came in the early 60’s as the decade was just underway. The senseless act of President Kennedy. Personally one was age 21 then with hopes and dreams of the future. Then as that act occurred these feelings were shattered apart. Not to mention the innuendoes that followed, as the result of that act. One still has chills as a result of watching the footage on film. Then toward the end of the 60’s, Senator Kennedy of New York State died as he was struck down. Again one felt so saddened at this act of cowardice that it just was revolting yet a reality. Then the third brother died after a bout with an illness which has taken his life as well as a trillion others. President Kennedy and wife were attuned as the royal couple of the US. Senator Kennedy of New York State was the hope and dream that the US would seek. Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts was the courageous example in his actions. As those 3 brothers are at peace in Arlington National: it brought back memories for oneself. During their lives they weren’t perfect human beings. Yet as they shared their expectations with the American people, they were deeply criticised. The American people were very judgmental. Was it the fact of who they were, being a Kennedy? Would the American people act the same if they were just people or neighbours down the street? One would doubt that. One would think that another Kennedy will carry on the works of their family in years to come. To bear the torch as the cavalcade brings forth the dignity and respect in which the family is known and shown to others.

“Separate Entity”

August 23, 2009

As the sun is shining brightly and the numerous types of trees make an entry of shade in certain spots, it is a pleasant day. Each country which encompasses the UK is a separate entity with its individual laws and customs. That goes without saying in the wake of Scotland when that country released the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset Ali al Megrahi who was in prison for his role in the Pan Am 103 disaster that took place in the mid 1980’s and as a result took 270 lives some of them Americans. What a tragic event. Now after only eight years in prison, being tried and sentenced to life he was released on compassionate grounds as he is terminally ill. He was sent home to his country of Libya. He had a meeting with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi who in the leader of Libya. Gaddafi and his country is well known for many terrorists actions in the past. This country has never been trusted. However unfortunately other countries must negotiate in diplomatic terms. One surmises that it is only for the sake of their people who are under such tyranny. There are oil interests in Libya between the British BP PLC and Libya’s National Oil Company. These interests are small compared to the investments in Italy’s Eni SpA. It was reported by the BBC, that there was an agreement earlier this year between the British and the Libyan government concerning the Lockerbie bomber. It was also reported by the BBC that Gaddafi thanked the Prime Minister Gordon Brown for the release. There were also reports from the BBC concerning the above incident with meetings with former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Now there is denial from the British government saying that the Minister of Justice in Scotland acted alone in his decision. There are others in the Scottish government thinking the Minister of Justice was very wrong to release this bomber, and this man denies even taking part in such an act. He calls himself a scapegoat. There is spoken word that Scottish goods will be boycotted as a result. So there is a great deal of controversy needless to say the victim’s families above all. Rightfully so. The release was compounded by a hero’s welcome at Tripoli’s airport. This in itself is most disturbing. At the time of the disaster the bomber wasn’t even tried in Lockerbie yet tried in the Netherlands b/c of the moral pain it brought to its people. It was such a magnitude of horror. Later this or earlier next year Colonel Gaddafi is scheduled to speak at the United Nations in New York City. There of course will the protests before during after the event. Rightfully so. Why should this leader be able to enter the US? His visa should be revoked on the grounds of past actions and on this particular action.

“Hearts And Flowers”

August 22, 2009

What a beautiful lovely morning with a nice warm breeze in which one encountered while taking a daily stroll near the bay. There were a few people on the route as they were walking dogs of all types and sizes. While sending hearts to friends and family on Facebook, there is one of them who isn’t on Facebook. Would like to send some imaginary hearts and flowers. One’s friend is in the hospital in Birmingham. One phoned her home number this past week and there wasn’t an answer, so one phoned her mobile number and she cheerfully answered. The hospital are running tests for various reasons and issues. Unfortunately she will have a six week stay as she will have a couple of operations in the course of the stay. One would surmise that the recouvery time will be lengthened. She is a very good friend and she and myself have engaged in some very good debates, as well a some friendly conversations over the years. As sometimes we have a different point of view we always have had respect for the freedom of expression. She has given me added knowledge that is wonderful. She is very straight forward in her thinking and will voice her opinion regardless. This is very good. She hasn’t complained as far as her health issues. She just takes one day at a time and is very thankful for that. Her laughter is unmistakable and genuine. Her heritage is Scot-Irish which is good in many ways. Her friendship is long- lasting and she resembles a grandmother in which one has not known in one’s life. So one is grateful for this in unmeasurable ways. One will have confidence that she will be alright and will be home soon.

“Agony And Ecstasy”

August 17, 2009

While the overcast day with a chance of thunderstorms on the horison, one is reminded of the other day when again one viewed a speedboat with a total of three, one of them throwing a net to the person in the bay as he meticulously was on skis and gently pulled himself upright as the boat wisked him him away. What a sight to behold. Last night a friend phoned from Ohio and she and I were on the website looking at flights to DC. And I found one which suited the criteria perfectly. The price is affordable, the connections to Chicago, the times of the flights are great. The layover is decent enough. It is a sense of agony and ecstasy, one might say. Now putting the final touches on the plans. Emailing and hearing from my son Ian with exchanging addresses and phone numbers. Also doing the same with Greg and Ellen with whom one will be staying while there. And also Mike and Susan too. At the moment while blogging one is watching the time as one has a eye doctor’s appt today and also a dentist appt. tomorrow. One did email my niece Dara and thanked her for her consideration. Was intending to blog later on this week, maybe on the weekend as one will most likely do however today is a good enough as it gives one time to savor the moment while it is fresh in one’s mind. There is a well known saying. If something comes easy to oneself it isn’t worth it however if something that one only strives for and fights for then and only then it will be worth the time and energy.

“Frustrations Mount”

August 15, 2009

It is a bright sunny warm day as when one takes a daily stroll one views some joggers, bikers, and a type of boat sailing in the bay as the waters rush and swirl, swoop the swift oncoming waves. Finished a recent book ” A Long Stone’s Throw by Alphie Mc Court. What an eye opening, encouraging epic in the sense of his outlook of his surroundings and plight in life as he overcomes the many obstacles and succeeds and happier as a result. It is highly recommended. Speaking of books, one had ordered a book called” Marcel Marceau” and it was backordered which was understandable. So one was patient and enthusiastic while waiting. When it finally arrived, it was all in Spanish no less from the title, beginning to end. What a disappointment. It was apparently the wrong book however when looking at the isbn number, it was the same. One had hoped that this book was a bio of Marceau as there is very little known and much less written of this master genius. So now it just so happens that one must return it, get credit for it, or wait for the correct book. Surely there must be a translation of it. If it were in French one would be ok with translating the version.  Now in the way of obtaining a ticket to DC that hasn’t been accomplished yet. It was scheduled to be done this weekend however the lady and myself were to do it together. She had a gall blatter attack while on business in Ohio, left several emails/phone messages yet still haven’t heard back. Went on yesterday and viewed the price was mounting slightly. That makes it more apparent and makes one more nervous in the purchasing of the ticket. As one was blogging one was interrupted gladly by the spoken friend. One felt assured that the task would be done by Tuesday. She revealed that b/c of her condition she would still be in Ohio and do some added training Monday and Tuesday. She doesn’t have access to email. Heard from my niece in reference to this situation. Her commuter was still down yet she was very apologetic. My sister however was rattling on and on and making the situation worse. It is hard to think that she was from the same piece of cloth as myself.

“The Right To Die”

August 8, 2009

With the ever present rain, thunderstorms, lightning overnight and the continuance of it in the early morning and into the afternoon: it is apparent that one has changed the routine in a minute way. There is now a lull as it has been forecasted to the days end and into tomorrow. It is coupled with a restless night. However an average of two cups of coffee have done wonders. When the time comes for each of us to depart from this life’s journey, one is aware that it is appropriate that family members are around the dying individual and yet the person will die alone. If for instance the person has a terminal disease which they are forever in pain, euthanasia is never the answer. If a person is subjected to pain medicine in a monumental degree and then doesn’t recognise the family members. Then there is a question of tolerance to pain and therefore degrees of it which would regulate how much how often would the prescriptions be taken. A doctor may prescribe and a nurse may attempt to carry out the plan yet it is only up to the patient to say no to it as they make the final decision. In this country it is known to have a numerous amount to patients taking prescriptions only at the doctor’s/ nurses thinking. For once a patient should think for themselves, and not be reliable of professionals. The person should have self discipline. There are only a couple of states that have legalised this practise and a doctor who was  tried and convicted and sentence to years in prison in the state of Michigan. This person has been disbarred from practising medicine of any type. However he is a free man to carry out his life and do whatever he chooses to do with the remaining of it. Al Pacino, one’s favourite actor will portray his life in an upcoming movie soon. Pacino will do an escellent recreation, one is assured. One has the free will to choose and not sit in judgement of others. One is in favor of women’s right of choose when it comes to abortion. Certain instances when the death penalty is appropriate and enacted. However there is only Our Creator who has given life to each of us and therefore He is the only one who has the right to take it from us.

“Certain Species”

August 5, 2009

The day seems like yesterday with bright sunshine, low humidity and a mere wonder on the horison. Certain species of animals are more adept and adhere than do others. This trait is in mammals as well and are indigenous to the wild and domestic alike. Take for instance dogs, some have traits in the vane of positiveness and negativeness. The golden retrievers are known for assisting those who are unable to handle daily tasks on their own volition and can be invaluable. There are various collections of vertebrates in the sea such as dolphins who have high intellects. Their sonorous sound is placid to some and tranquil to many as these creatures are heard for miles. Dolphins are also trained to achieve accomplishments which they do in superb form and perform successfully only due to who they are. Some species have  a very low intellect as there is a common joke as referring to a person as a bird brain for their tendency of being scatterbrain. This is relevant to whether it being a blue jay, cardinal. There is not a generality when the topic is birds. One is speaking of intellects not to be confused with instincts. There are some species of apes, gorrillas as apposed to an orangutan and monkey. There is a movie ” Gorrillas in the Mist” which features one of Jimmy Stewart’s daughter’s who is a doctor of anthropology and was deeply interested in the behavior of these wild creatures as to their revelance to man.

“The Other Half”

August 1, 2009

This is a new month and along with that it is the month one had originally started to blog. It was a rainy day as today too there is rain forecasted. One would surmise it is a omen and a milestone. It does appear that the sun will shine later, as one will again view the sparkling water in the mid morning sunshine. When a marriage dissolves through no, any or some fault of the ones involved: there are the questions of the children. It is unspeakable that the wife, mother of the children would be the vindictive type to unallow the father to have perental rights. After all these men had fathered these children and should have the same rights as do the mothers. In family law it is one-sided in this bloggers opinion. Even if the fathers are the scums of the earth, in prison, truly awful esamples. Yes, these children shouldn’t follow their paths. All want to protect the children yet lying to them and saying that the fathers have died where in fact they haven’t or making up some other lie may do more detrimental harm. There are countless children who are raised only by their mothers, grandmothers, close relatives who don’t have a father figure in their lives, and worse yet don’t even know who their fathers actually are. The rest of the family say they are non-existant. Even if the children have an uncle or grandfather to spend little or no time with them, it just isn’t the same as having a father. A father is a special someone who can take the child to sport games, tell them stories of when he was a boy, and just spend time listening to the child. This will be monumental in the development of the child in ways unimaginable. This is truly the case in boys as well as girls. It is vital to have a little girl know who her father is, as it is moreso than to little boys. In other words it gives a measurable correlation in both genders. This is true with the countless unwed mothers who in some cases wouldn’t have been in that predicament and in dire staits in the first place, if only a father were there to show the child the proper way and to know the consequences of their misguided actions.