“The Other Half”

This is a new month and along with that it is the month one had originally started to blog. It was a rainy day as today too there is rain forecasted. One would surmise it is a omen and a milestone. It does appear that the sun will shine later, as one will again view the sparkling water in the mid morning sunshine. When a marriage dissolves through no, any or some fault of the ones involved: there are the questions of the children. It is unspeakable that the wife, mother of the children would be the vindictive type to unallow the father to have perental rights. After all these men had fathered these children and should have the same rights as do the mothers. In family law it is one-sided in this bloggers opinion. Even if the fathers are the scums of the earth, in prison, truly awful esamples. Yes, these children shouldn’t follow their paths. All want to protect the children yet lying to them and saying that the fathers have died where in fact they haven’t or making up some other lie may do more detrimental harm. There are countless children who are raised only by their mothers, grandmothers, close relatives who don’t have a father figure in their lives, and worse yet don’t even know who their fathers actually are. The rest of the family say they are non-existant. Even if the children have an uncle or grandfather to spend little or no time with them, it just isn’t the same as having a father. A father is a special someone who can take the child to sport games, tell them stories of when he was a boy, and just spend time listening to the child. This will be monumental in the development of the child in ways unimaginable. This is truly the case in boys as well as girls. It is vital to have a little girl know who her father is, as it is moreso than to little boys. In other words it gives a measurable correlation in both genders. This is true with the countless unwed mothers who in some cases wouldn’t have been in that predicament and in dire staits in the first place, if only a father were there to show the child the proper way and to know the consequences of their misguided actions.


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