“Certain Species”

The day seems like yesterday with bright sunshine, low humidity and a mere wonder on the horison. Certain species of animals are more adept and adhere than do others. This trait is in mammals as well and are indigenous to the wild and domestic alike. Take for instance dogs, some have traits in the vane of positiveness and negativeness. The golden retrievers are known for assisting those who are unable to handle daily tasks on their own volition and can be invaluable. There are various collections of vertebrates in the sea such as dolphins who have high intellects. Their sonorous sound is placid to some and tranquil to many as these creatures are heard for miles. Dolphins are also trained to achieve accomplishments which they do in superb form and perform successfully only due to who they are. Some species have  a very low intellect as there is a common joke as referring to a person as a bird brain for their tendency of being scatterbrain. This is relevant to whether it being a blue jay, cardinal. There is not a generality when the topic is birds. One is speaking of intellects not to be confused with instincts. There are some species of apes, gorrillas as apposed to an orangutan and monkey. There is a movie ” Gorrillas in the Mist” which features one of Jimmy Stewart’s daughter’s who is a doctor of anthropology and was deeply interested in the behavior of these wild creatures as to their revelance to man.


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