“The Right To Die”

With the ever present rain, thunderstorms, lightning overnight and the continuance of it in the early morning and into the afternoon: it is apparent that one has changed the routine in a minute way. There is now a lull as it has been forecasted to the days end and into tomorrow. It is coupled with a restless night. However an average of two cups of coffee have done wonders. When the time comes for each of us to depart from this life’s journey, one is aware that it is appropriate that family members are around the dying individual and yet the person will die alone. If for instance the person has a terminal disease which they are forever in pain, euthanasia is never the answer. If a person is subjected to pain medicine in a monumental degree and then doesn’t recognise the family members. Then there is a question of tolerance to pain and therefore degrees of it which would regulate how much how often would the prescriptions be taken. A doctor may prescribe and a nurse may attempt to carry out the plan yet it is only up to the patient to say no to it as they make the final decision. In this country it is known to have a numerous amount to patients taking prescriptions only at the doctor’s/ nurses thinking. For once a patient should think for themselves, and not be reliable of professionals. The person should have self discipline. There are only a couple of states that have legalised this practise and a doctor who was  tried and convicted and sentence to years in prison in the state of Michigan. This person has been disbarred from practising medicine of any type. However he is a free man to carry out his life and do whatever he chooses to do with the remaining of it. Al Pacino, one’s favourite actor will portray his life in an upcoming movie soon. Pacino will do an escellent recreation, one is assured. One has the free will to choose and not sit in judgement of others. One is in favor of women’s right of choose when it comes to abortion. Certain instances when the death penalty is appropriate and enacted. However there is only Our Creator who has given life to each of us and therefore He is the only one who has the right to take it from us.


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