“Frustrations Mount”

It is a bright sunny warm day as when one takes a daily stroll one views some joggers, bikers, and a type of boat sailing in the bay as the waters rush and swirl, swoop the swift oncoming waves. Finished a recent book ” A Long Stone’s Throw by Alphie Mc Court. What an eye opening, encouraging epic in the sense of his outlook of his surroundings and plight in life as he overcomes the many obstacles and succeeds and happier as a result. It is highly recommended. Speaking of books, one had ordered a book called” Marcel Marceau” and it was backordered which was understandable. So one was patient and enthusiastic while waiting. When it finally arrived, it was all in Spanish no less from the title, beginning to end. What a disappointment. It was apparently the wrong book however when looking at the isbn number, it was the same. One had hoped that this book was a bio of Marceau as there is very little known and much less written of this master genius. So now it just so happens that one must return it, get credit for it, or wait for the correct book. Surely there must be a translation of it. If it were in French one would be ok with translating the version.  Now in the way of obtaining a ticket to DC that hasn’t been accomplished yet. It was scheduled to be done this weekend however the lady and myself were to do it together. She had a gall blatter attack while on business in Ohio, left several emails/phone messages yet still haven’t heard back. Went on expendia.com yesterday and viewed the price was mounting slightly. That makes it more apparent and makes one more nervous in the purchasing of the ticket. As one was blogging one was interrupted gladly by the spoken friend. One felt assured that the task would be done by Tuesday. She revealed that b/c of her condition she would still be in Ohio and do some added training Monday and Tuesday. She doesn’t have access to email. Heard from my niece in reference to this situation. Her commuter was still down yet she was very apologetic. My sister however was rattling on and on and making the situation worse. It is hard to think that she was from the same piece of cloth as myself.


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