“Agony And Ecstasy”

While the overcast day with a chance of thunderstorms on the horison, one is reminded of the other day when again one viewed a speedboat with a total of three, one of them throwing a net to the person in the bay as he meticulously was on skis and gently pulled himself upright as the boat wisked him him away. What a sight to behold. Last night a friend phoned from Ohio and she and I were on the expedia.com website looking at flights to DC. And I found one which suited the criteria perfectly. The price is affordable, the connections to Chicago, the times of the flights are great. The layover is decent enough. It is a sense of agony and ecstasy, one might say. Now putting the final touches on the plans. Emailing and hearing from my son Ian with exchanging addresses and phone numbers. Also doing the same with Greg and Ellen with whom one will be staying while there. And also Mike and Susan too. At the moment while blogging one is watching the time as one has a eye doctor’s appt today and also a dentist appt. tomorrow. One did email my niece Dara and thanked her for her consideration. Was intending to blog later on this week, maybe on the weekend as one will most likely do however today is a good enough as it gives one time to savor the moment while it is fresh in one’s mind. There is a well known saying. If something comes easy to oneself it isn’t worth it however if something that one only strives for and fights for then and only then it will be worth the time and energy.


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