“Hearts And Flowers”

What a beautiful lovely morning with a nice warm breeze in which one encountered while taking a daily stroll near the bay. There were a few people on the route as they were walking dogs of all types and sizes. While sending hearts to friends and family on Facebook, there is one of them who isn’t on Facebook. Would like to send some imaginary hearts and flowers. One’s friend is in the hospital in Birmingham. One phoned her home number this past week and there wasn’t an answer, so one phoned her mobile number and she cheerfully answered. The hospital are running tests for various reasons and issues. Unfortunately she will have a six week stay as she will have a couple of operations in the course of the stay. One would surmise that the recouvery time will be lengthened. She is a very good friend and she and myself have engaged in some very good debates, as well a some friendly conversations over the years. As sometimes we have a different point of view we always have had respect for the freedom of expression. She has given me added knowledge that is wonderful. She is very straight forward in her thinking and will voice her opinion regardless. This is very good. She hasn’t complained as far as her health issues. She just takes one day at a time and is very thankful for that. Her laughter is unmistakable and genuine. Her heritage is Scot-Irish which is good in many ways. Her friendship is long- lasting and she resembles a grandmother in which one has not known in one’s life. So one is grateful for this in unmeasurable ways. One will have confidence that she will be alright and will be home soon.


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