“Separate Entity”

As the sun is shining brightly and the numerous types of trees make an entry of shade in certain spots, it is a pleasant day. Each country which encompasses the UK is a separate entity with its individual laws and customs. That goes without saying in the wake of Scotland when that country released the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset Ali al Megrahi who was in prison for his role in the Pan Am 103 disaster that took place in the mid 1980’s and as a result took 270 lives some of them Americans. What a tragic event. Now after only eight years in prison, being tried and sentenced to life he was released on compassionate grounds as he is terminally ill. He was sent home to his country of Libya. He had a meeting with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi who in the leader of Libya. Gaddafi and his country is well known for many terrorists actions in the past. This country has never been trusted. However unfortunately other countries must negotiate in diplomatic terms. One surmises that it is only for the sake of their people who are under such tyranny. There are oil interests in Libya between the British BP PLC and Libya’s National Oil Company. These interests are small compared to the investments in Italy’s Eni SpA. It was reported by the BBC, that there was an agreement earlier this year between the British and the Libyan government concerning the Lockerbie bomber. It was also reported by the BBC that Gaddafi thanked the Prime Minister Gordon Brown for the release. There were also reports from the BBC concerning the above incident with meetings with former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Now there is denial from the British government saying that the Minister of Justice in Scotland acted alone in his decision. There are others in the Scottish government thinking the Minister of Justice was very wrong to release this bomber, and this man denies even taking part in such an act. He calls himself a scapegoat. There is spoken word that Scottish goods will be boycotted as a result. So there is a great deal of controversy needless to say the victim’s families above all. Rightfully so. The release was compounded by a hero’s welcome at Tripoli’s airport. This in itself is most disturbing. At the time of the disaster the bomber wasn’t even tried in Lockerbie yet tried in the Netherlands b/c of the moral pain it brought to its people. It was such a magnitude of horror. Later this or earlier next year Colonel Gaddafi is scheduled to speak at the United Nations in New York City. There of course will the protests before during after the event. Rightfully so. Why should this leader be able to enter the US? His visa should be revoked on the grounds of past actions and on this particular action.


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