With the sun shining and the somewhat cool temps on the last day of the eighth month, one is reminded of several interludes in the past in particularily focusing on the Irish vane. The first interlude came in the early 60’s as the decade was just underway. The senseless act of President Kennedy. Personally one was age 21 then with hopes and dreams of the future. Then as that act occurred these feelings were shattered apart. Not to mention the innuendoes that followed, as the result of that act. One still has chills as a result of watching the footage on film. Then toward the end of the 60’s, Senator Kennedy of New York State died as he was struck down. Again one felt so saddened at this act of cowardice that it just was revolting yet a reality. Then the third brother died after a bout with an illness which has taken his life as well as a trillion others. President Kennedy and wife were attuned as the royal couple of the US. Senator Kennedy of New York State was the hope and dream that the US would seek. Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts was the courageous example in his actions. As those 3 brothers are at peace in Arlington National: it brought back memories for oneself. During their lives they weren’t perfect human beings. Yet as they shared their expectations with the American people, they were deeply criticised. The American people were very judgmental. Was it the fact of who they were, being a Kennedy? Would the American people act the same if they were just people or neighbours down the street? One would doubt that. One would think that another Kennedy will carry on the works of their family in years to come. To bear the torch as the cavalcade brings forth the dignity and respect in which the family is known and shown to others.


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