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“Coming Down To the Wire”

September 14, 2009

With pleasant temperature and less humidity, it seems more of an autumn day, although in actuality it comes on the 22nd of this month. It is a bright cheerful day, as one had a most impressive, interested and uplifting conversation with a nearby neighbour while on one’s daily stroll. If truth be told it took away the nervousness and excitement of one’s upcoming trip to DC for the time being. To update that at the moment one is waiting for an email from one’s cousin Mike as to which day it would be most convenient for he and wife Susan to visit. One asked him to which day and he said that he would have to confirm it with Susan as she was out of town and would return on Saturday. He said he would let me know on Sunday. So one had waited until Sunday and now it is Monday and yet not a response. One feels convenient that he will response soon. Don’t really want to press now. Want to give him time. Got an email from Ellen, one’s sister in law who told me that she would feel better if one would contact both Ian and Mike. She informed oneself that she didn’t really know them well enough. That is fine for one will be content to make arrangements. Mike’s daughter is participating in a fur runway nightclub event on the 25th. So that shouldn’t interfere with a visit with Mike, Susan, Greg, Ellen and oneself. After one  hears definitely from Mike, then one will contact Ian and make arrangements with him on the opposite day. Not really concerned about non-consequential things like looking perfect appearancewise as one was prior to this blogging. That  is  stress. On Thursday it will be a week before one takes off. Tomorrow will go to Borders and get a travel kit from Copps and make sure that one has cream in it. Look and see if there are attractive items for one’s hair so that is styled in a becoming way. So wish one the best.

“The Next Two Weeks To Go”

September 11, 2009

As the summer days are winding down, it is apparently warmer weatherwise. Thought one wouldn’t blog for a while as one is preparing for a visit to DC and there are only less than two weeks to go before one takes off. One is more nervous as the time approaches so one scripted the notes which was featured on Facebook. It helped at the time. Now that one has been crossing off items on a created list, and not thinking of anymore items to add, that in itself has a calming down effect. One has replenished the printer’s ink and printed some personal emails. When the nervousness was getting to much to handle one would just force oneself to not even think of it and focus on the future. Birthdays are plenty next month namely Andre’s so one has created a thoughtful list of gifts that could be bought. There are so many small items to ponder in planning this venture. It is so exciting to oneself. One wishes that there is a drastic change by the end of the month. In one’s opinion it would seem better if it weren’t so warm. Got some make-up some blush which my friend instructed me to how to apply. One followed her directions as to application and to one’s pleasant surprise she said that one was a natural. Got oneself a kodak disposal camera w/ 27 exp. so one may take pictures while there. Printed out one’s air ticket with the specifics such a times of departure and arrival and connections. One knows from past experience that one will pack earlier perhaps days before that actual day and time. One has to get one’s haircut, style, shaped to make it look better so that now is a priority.

“Random Or Specific”

September 2, 2009

The sunshine prevails as the afternoon progresses. The rash of people who are kidnapped is at an alarming rate. It is a very disturbing fact as the warmer weather is more apt to find this when more people are out with family activities. Years ago, there were faces of children on milk cartons which were displaced in convenient stores in the nearby neighbourhoods. There are faces of children in transportation places, designed for the immediate public to view. In a few cases these occurrences are of adults. One has to question are these acts of random or are these acts specific in nature? Of the many of have been suddenly taken without notice more than likely survive their captives. Just in the past week there was just such a case. The family court system should be overhauled state by state to prevent such acts from occurring. The status quo isn’t working and something different should be done. Are schools and parents doing enough in prevention? One wouldn’t think so. Is it even addressed much less discussed at length at pto meetings or assemblies? While at the bay today, one saw some things that were in fact questionable. First, a young woman was lying on a deck chair sunning herself and she was nude,as there was a string around her middle, her back side was in view for others to take a view. Worse yet there were two young women who had two young girls who were completely nude. The two youngers were maybe 5 or 6 or 6 or 7. They were close in age. This happened at noontime and there were cars on the road passing by as these children were in the bay and playing in the sand with shovels and buckets in hand. Madison Wi., is liberal and this in one’s opinion went out of bounds. One couldn’t chastise the women b/c it wasn’t one’s right however the act wasn’t moral in one’s view. These adults were women and not ladies, b/c if they were ladies they wouldn’t be doing what they doing. All one could think of were these innocent children who were misguided. In the case of the woman sunning herself she too wasn’t a lady either merely for her conduct was inappropriate to put it mildly. These people were most likely college grads with book sense and not a lick of common sense.