“The Next Two Weeks To Go”

As the summer days are winding down, it is apparently warmer weatherwise. Thought one wouldn’t blog for a while as one is preparing for a visit to DC and there are only less than two weeks to go before one takes off. One is more nervous as the time approaches so one scripted the notes which was featured on Facebook. It helped at the time. Now that one has been crossing off items on a created list, and not thinking of anymore items to add, that in itself has a calming down effect. One has replenished the printer’s ink and printed some personal emails. When the nervousness was getting to much to handle one would just force oneself to not even think of it and focus on the future. Birthdays are plenty next month namely Andre’s so one has created a thoughtful list of gifts that could be bought. There are so many small items to ponder in planning this venture. It is so exciting to oneself. One wishes that there is a drastic change by the end of the month. In one’s opinion it would seem better if it weren’t so warm. Got some make-up some blush which my friend instructed me to how to apply. One followed her directions as to application and to one’s pleasant surprise she said that one was a natural. Got oneself a kodak disposal camera w/ 27 exp. so one may take pictures while there. Printed out one’s air ticket with the specifics such a times of departure and arrival and connections. One knows from past experience that one will pack earlier perhaps days before that actual day and time. One has to get one’s haircut, style, shaped to make it look better so that now is a priority.


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