“Coming Down To the Wire”

With pleasant temperature and less humidity, it seems more of an autumn day, although in actuality it comes on the 22nd of this month. It is a bright cheerful day, as one had a most impressive, interested and uplifting conversation with a nearby neighbour while on one’s daily stroll. If truth be told it took away the nervousness and excitement of one’s upcoming trip to DC for the time being. To update that at the moment one is waiting for an email from one’s cousin Mike as to which day it would be most convenient for he and wife Susan to visit. One asked him to which day and he said that he would have to confirm it with Susan as she was out of town and would return on Saturday. He said he would let me know on Sunday. So one had waited until Sunday and now it is Monday and yet not a response. One feels convenient that he will response soon. Don’t really want to press now. Want to give him time. Got an email from Ellen, one’s sister in law who told me that she would feel better if one would contact both Ian and Mike. She informed oneself that she didn’t really know them well enough. That is fine for one will be content to make arrangements. Mike’s daughter is participating in a fur runway nightclub event on the 25th. So that shouldn’t interfere with a visit with Mike, Susan, Greg, Ellen and oneself. After one  hears definitely from Mike, then one will contact Ian and make arrangements with him on the opposite day. Not really concerned about non-consequential things like looking perfect appearancewise as one was prior to this blogging. That  is  stress. On Thursday it will be a week before one takes off. Tomorrow will go to Borders and get a travel kit from Copps and make sure that one has cream in it. Look and see if there are attractive items for one’s hair so that is styled in a becoming way. So wish one the best.


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