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“In Combination”

November 16, 2009

When taking a stroll one noticed that it was quite seasonable now as one was strolling near the bay. It was windy as one was facing it and coming back it was better as one had one’s back to the wind. Saw a flock of very large birds in the park all gathering in one spot, pecking and hopping at the same time. As one was approaching the park saw a white winged bird flying above the bay nearer to the ground. What a sight! Beautiful! These last two blogs for this month in which one will combined into one, are similar in content. They are intitled, influencing other minds which is taken in a negative tone and the elderly. After one has lived for many years they deserve the respect and love of others who often come in contact with them. After all age in itself does make some difference in that aspect. However there are too many cases to note that this isn’ t occurring. A prime example are nursing homes. There are many horrors which occur at the hands of others. In one’s view one thinks that in general nursing home should be outlawed. If one has the incompassity of no longer caring for oneself, one should be cared for by their family who will take direction from reparable and knowledgable persons. There too in some cases people in question must be very careful, b/c actions can take place within their own family. It is a very common act to say that only b/c the person is elderly the saying is they are no longer valid in what they reveal to others and simply ignored. If others seem to question something that is going on the common phase is he/she doesn’t know what they are talking about and therefore their words haven’t validity. They become inattentive to things. This isn’t believed by any scope of the imagination. The elderly have much to offer in their impeccable way. They should be given the right to express their views in their own way. They should never be shunned. Now to the other saga. If  someone is doing something in an evil way and has a history of doing things that aren’t right in a moral or legal view. This person/these persons should never pressure others to do what they do. Others should never be vulnerable or never be in any position for any tangible benefit both minuscule or colossal or for that matter anything inbetween the two. If one uses the phrase do it b/c we a kin, that is a strong indication that this is rigamorale.


November 15, 2009

This is now the middle of the month already. It’s hard to imagine that time goes so rapidly, really weatherwise it doesn’t seem so, however noticed that there was frost overnight. Took one’s brace off for its now been 6 weeks. Can now put one’s sleeve in one’s arm. However for good measure one is taking it slow and thinking of chatting with the nurse on call later on to simply getting some needed questions answered. It is hard to believe that parents who are migrants themselves will allow their children sometimes even under the age of ten to work in the fields,orchards and groves picking fruits and vegetables for the American table. There are dangerous chemicals showered on these and it is more likely than not, that these dangers will get into the children lungs and respiratory system and then will have a certain problem which will be extended throughout their lives. Michigan the neighbouring state the children must arise long before dawn and start their 14 hour day work. There isn’t a day in the year that they get off or even have a break inbetween their long day. This could and should be called abuse of child labor, however b/c they aren’t citizens of the U.S., one would guess that it doesn’t matter. Not only in Michigan, it is done throughout the continental U.S., regardless of where it is. The simple reason why the parents allow this to happen is the fact that the parents want to know where the child is at all times and b/c the family may speed up the time in the fields as the children have smaller hands and can for some reason work faster than their parents. The parents look at it as a tool for learning. All these immigrants are ill educated themselves. The owner of the places turns a blind eye when asked what is happening. The discount stores such as Walmart, the grocery store Kroger will refuse to use their product in their establishments. The product in question is blueberries, which are produced by the American Blueberry Association. Now if some would follow their lead, maybe then there would be a handle on this situation.

“Along The Same Lines”

November 14, 2009

It is a very mild day which is pleasant yet unusual for being November. Went to the supermarket this morning and glad to do so. Will combine this topic into one segment. Read on the about a kidnapping in N.I. several months ago. How could anyone in their right mind do such an act? Don’t know what came of the story for one hasn’t heard anything more about it. Then at the same time there was another kidnapping of another priest in Mindanao in the Philippines. He was held for quite a while. There was a video done by the captors asking for a ransom. However the priest was released. How again can someone do such a dastardly act. There isn’t a reason in the world for it. This particular country is predominately Catholic. That in itself is more of an outrage. One wouldn’t expect such an act to occur. One would surmise to some people it just doesn’t make a difference. It is a sad state of affairs.

“Unspeakable Act”

November 13, 2009

Well change did work. After putting another pillow under one’s head one fell soundly asleep. That surely did the trick and will keep the same one for now. Yesterday one saw an article on the of an eighty one year old priest who was arrested in South Bend, Ind., he is supposedly going to be sent back to N. I. where the crime had taken place against the young. Then one saw an article in the about a priest who was murdered in Chatham,N.J. This crime was an unspeakable act. It was committed by a janitor who was an immigrant to this country, possibly from S.A., or even from Central America. This priest was stabbed more than a numerous times in different parts of his body. The motive is non-consequential. Why in the world didn’t someone find help in time? Was the act pre-meditated? If a priest is in his rectory why wasn’t or isn’t there a helpline in these types of situations? Maybe now there will be. After one read this article one thought of it for days as to not only that it happened, yet why it would happen. Afterall this was a priest, a man of God. No one should have the right to judge another, however this murderer should be placed in isolation in hell. There is no rhyme or reason for this to happen. How awful.

“Question Of Clemency”

November 12, 2009

With a chill in the air naturally, one woke up after a sound night’s sleep with a little pain. However it will subside in due course evenually. Took a non- asprin for it. One will of course carry on with vigor. This pain could be a result of a very flat pillow that one has been sleeping on for a while. So change is on the way. While having the injury one had scripted the topics along with the tags for future use. This topic is most controversial. When is the question of clemency appropriate? It would depend on the crime which would be the obvious answer. And also if one was a victim indirectly? Meaning a family member of the victim. A couple of nights ago the man responsible for bringing terror as the D.C. sniper was executed be lethal injection. Have decided not to put his name in print simply b/c one doesn’t want to give any more recognition to him. The crime was so hideous. It took place across state lines. It happened in Md., Va., in the District itself, Ala., and in some other southern state. One believed that there were six states in all, before apprehension took place. Did this man give any clemency(mercy) to his victim? Differently not. He just randomly shot at will as many people as possible. So therefore there isn’t any question at all. Long ago one was against the death penalty, however one has changed one’s view.

“Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained”

November 11, 2009

Still it seems unseasonably pleasant as one is approaching the middle of the month, as one hopes that it will be nice a bit longer. There still is a chill in the air. This topic could pertain to all that we do and don’t accomplish in life. Because our minds are a key factor as it is controlled in one’s actions. A prime example is when someone is injured. One could have a negative attitude and not even try to better oneself and let others do all for them. Yet one may have the opposite view and therefore have the attitude thinking to oneself ” if one can do this, then one can do that. This is pertaining to simple and everyday things. One has to have the presence of mind to least try what comes their way. It may be a slow process, as to how one looks at the situation. It can be all relative too. In the long run one becomes more appreciative of things one would ordinarily take for granted. The key is not take anything or for that matter anyone for granted. All things will be done in time. Seek the moment. A good rule of thumb is can’t never could do anything.

“Family Tree”

November 10, 2009

What a wonderful day this is! Yesterday one had done all the laundry in one day, as one took periodic breaks to rest and made sure that one did it mainly not to overtask oneself. There is a family link similar to a family tree on Facebook. One had filled out the particulars regarding it. Then for some reason one had designated the relation wrongly in reference to a second cousin versus a first cousin once removed. One had noticed that Mikey had referred to oneself as a first cousin once removed. That got one thinking what is the difference between the two phrases. Then while having a conversation with a friend, wanted to ask her what was the difference. She explained it well as one wasn’t familar with the once removed factor. She said that if brothers and sisters were involved which they aren’t then the term would be referred as second cousins. If in this case the first cousin once removed is directly linked in blood lines, then that term pertains. While in D.C. my sister- in law gave me a card which has a baby on the front. His name is Cole Davis Douglass who was born in April of this year. He has a older brother named Reid. Their parents are Claudia and Jay Douglass. Claudia is my uncle Bobby’s daughter. This is on my father’s side. Just recently one had seen that Toni who was on one’s husband’s side of the family is on Facebook. So Toni who is one’s neice quickly came into a rapport with her as she would tell me more about herself as one would in turn encourage her. It is a very good and worthwhile feeling. Don’t really know enough to make a family tree yet. However it is good to make a start, as one has to start somewhere. Much gratitude goes to Greg and Ellen.

“As Time Goes Bye”

November 9, 2009

What a lovely day it is! Yesterday took a stroll again near the bay as the gentle breeze came off the bay, while there were many joggers enjoying this time of year. While in D.C. one’s brother was kind enough to compile a disc of much older pictures of people who were much younger then and some who were now long deceased. There were several places in our past which were pictured of where we had lived long ago. One had lived three places in Maryland. The place in Bethesda is now a public library. The address is given as 74oo Arlington Rd. It is apparent when a house is taken down and a business is put in its place, the address slightly changes as it was in this case. The zoning board or city council could has something to do with that decision. Or maybe not, however the address is changed at some degree. It was a nice gesture for one’s brother to let me and my son have a disc each. There are more than 300 pictures on it. So many memories in them. An expression of gratitude. A picture is worth a thousand words.

“Out Of Commission”

November 8, 2009

Again, believe me there are two days in a row that are simply lovely with sunshine in abundance. One’s flight to D.C. was earlier than expected and simply grand taking off from Madison in this smaller than small plane. One didn’t mind in the least for one was happy. When one had gotten to Chicago and looked at the assigned gate, one noticed that there were many Asians in pursuit on their way to Thailand, via Tokyo. While waiting for the flight to Washington,Dulles, decided to ask the attendant about the situation. One was informed that it was at another gate nearly on the other side of the airport. One was unconcerned as one had a two hour delay and enough ample time. An flight attendant was on her way to her office so we went in the same direction as we chatted along the way about Chicago and the radio station wls and mancow and cassidy and of course the rocon show. It was a pleasant time as conversations are while what one might call muti- tasking. Coming into Dulles, one was looking at the map as the pilot was circling the mountains in preparation to landing. It was a most pleasant time. When one had landed one thought it would be advantagous to go a short way to obtain one’s luggage, while doing so had a nice chat with a Canadian family. Then one waited for a while for one’s brother to arrive. There wasn’t a specific destination to meet. So one phoned the residence several times. Then one’s brother showed up after two hours. For oneself one wasn’t too concerned. There was a waiting area which being that one was a novice to this airport was unaware. It was the first time one had been there. One’s brother was jovial saying” I’m so exhausted tracting you like a dog” He would repeat that phase throughout one’s visit and one’s reaction was laughable as it became comical. On the last day of one visit, Ian had asked me to come to see their new house which was planned. Then Ian had asked me to join him as he would take the boys to the playground. On the way back, one was so interested in what Jonathon was saying, there was a step that was in back of me. The sun was nearly setting as one didn’t have a hat to shield the glare. One backed up and braced oneself as one slammed one’s left hand down on the pavement, and caught one glasses/frames with the right hand. One put one’s glasses back on and walked back to Ian’s house. After arriving home one had noticed that one’s arm, wrist, hand was swollen and took a cab to the e.r. and had xrays done. Diagnosis was fracture of the upper arm. Six weeks to recouver. This is quite lengthy. Each day one appreciates the value of what life brings.

“Reaching For The Stars”

November 7, 2009

Weatherwise it is warmer than normal for this time of year. As one may notice this is the first time one has blogged in a while and one will go into more detail about that in a later topic. One has iterated verbally the time one had in D.C. One had a better than best time, greater than great time. Everything went like clockwork. Everyone made oneself feel welcome as well as comfortable. One couldn’t have asked for anything better. One was going  strong from the moment of arrival. One was on the top of the world. Had the best visit with my cousin, Mike while one went to his home accompanied with my brother, Greg and one’s sister in law Ellen. Met Mike’s daughter Brittany and had the most wonderful and relaxing conversation with her, as one had only met her for the first time. It was sensational. Met Mike’s son Mikey briefly too. Then the four of us proceeded to the country club for an early afternoon lunch while speaking in constant mode about family. Had pictures taken in the atmosphere of the club setting. Had a nice visit with one’s son Ian and family as they came to my brother’s home for an evening get together. That was fantastic, as again pictures were taken. Saw a home video of my nephew’s and wife wedding with several family members included. That was grand. Then saw another home video of Ellen’s side of the  family in particular of her mother who is in her 80’s and looks very well considering her age. Also saw a movie called”Dead Man Walking” with Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon. Hadn’t seen the movie before and thought the acting was great. Really enjoyed it. Had some quality time with Ellen on an individual basis and had thought provoking conversations as well. Spent the same time with my brother yet he was working and in some way one didn’t want to interrupt his concentration. However had spent enough time with him. He has the most comical personality as one was always entertained by his comments. It was laughable and wonderful at the same time. Was surprised about that aspect about him and was simply laughing at his comments. The memories of the whole visit still will linger.