“Reaching For The Stars”

Weatherwise it is warmer than normal for this time of year. As one may notice this is the first time one has blogged in a while and one will go into more detail about that in a later topic. One has iterated verbally the time one had in D.C. One had a better than best time, greater than great time. Everything went like clockwork. Everyone made oneself feel welcome as well as comfortable. One couldn’t have asked for anything better. One was going  strong from the moment of arrival. One was on the top of the world. Had the best visit with my cousin, Mike while one went to his home accompanied with my brother, Greg and one’s sister in law Ellen. Met Mike’s daughter Brittany and had the most wonderful and relaxing conversation with her, as one had only met her for the first time. It was sensational. Met Mike’s son Mikey briefly too. Then the four of us proceeded to the country club for an early afternoon lunch while speaking in constant mode about family. Had pictures taken in the atmosphere of the club setting. Had a nice visit with one’s son Ian and family as they came to my brother’s home for an evening get together. That was fantastic, as again pictures were taken. Saw a home video of my nephew’s and wife wedding with several family members included. That was grand. Then saw another home video of Ellen’s side of the  family in particular of her mother who is in her 80’s and looks very well considering her age. Also saw a movie called”Dead Man Walking” with Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon. Hadn’t seen the movie before and thought the acting was great. Really enjoyed it. Had some quality time with Ellen on an individual basis and had thought provoking conversations as well. Spent the same time with my brother yet he was working and in some way one didn’t want to interrupt his concentration. However had spent enough time with him. He has the most comical personality as one was always entertained by his comments. It was laughable and wonderful at the same time. Was surprised about that aspect about him and was simply laughing at his comments. The memories of the whole visit still will linger.


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