“Out Of Commission”

Again, believe me there are two days in a row that are simply lovely with sunshine in abundance. One’s flight to D.C. was earlier than expected and simply grand taking off from Madison in this smaller than small plane. One didn’t mind in the least for one was happy. When one had gotten to Chicago and looked at the assigned gate, one noticed that there were many Asians in pursuit on their way to Thailand, via Tokyo. While waiting for the flight to Washington,Dulles, decided to ask the attendant about the situation. One was informed that it was at another gate nearly on the other side of the airport. One was unconcerned as one had a two hour delay and enough ample time. An flight attendant was on her way to her office so we went in the same direction as we chatted along the way about Chicago and the radio station wls and mancow and cassidy and of course the rocon show. It was a pleasant time as conversations are while what one might call muti- tasking. Coming into Dulles, one was looking at the map as the pilot was circling the mountains in preparation to landing. It was a most pleasant time. When one had landed one thought it would be advantagous to go a short way to obtain one’s luggage, while doing so had a nice chat with a Canadian family. Then one waited for a while for one’s brother to arrive. There wasn’t a specific destination to meet. So one phoned the residence several times. Then one’s brother showed up after two hours. For oneself one wasn’t too concerned. There was a waiting area which being that one was a novice to this airport was unaware. It was the first time one had been there. One’s brother was jovial saying” I’m so exhausted tracting you like a dog” He would repeat that phase throughout one’s visit and one’s reaction was laughable as it became comical. On the last day of one visit, Ian had asked me to come to see their new house which was planned. Then Ian had asked me to join him as he would take the boys to the playground. On the way back, one was so interested in what Jonathon was saying, there was a step that was in back of me. The sun was nearly setting as one didn’t have a hat to shield the glare. One backed up and braced oneself as one slammed one’s left hand down on the pavement, and caught one glasses/frames with the right hand. One put one’s glasses back on and walked back to Ian’s house. After arriving home one had noticed that one’s arm, wrist, hand was swollen and took a cab to the e.r. and had xrays done. Diagnosis was fracture of the upper arm. Six weeks to recouver. This is quite lengthy. Each day one appreciates the value of what life brings.


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