“As Time Goes Bye”

What a lovely day it is! Yesterday took a stroll again near the bay as the gentle breeze came off the bay, while there were many joggers enjoying this time of year. While in D.C. one’s brother was kind enough to compile a disc of much older pictures of people who were much younger then and some who were now long deceased. There were several places in our past which were pictured of where we had lived long ago. One had lived three places in Maryland. The place in Bethesda is now a public library. The address is given as 74oo Arlington Rd. It is apparent when a house is taken down and a business is put in its place, the address slightly changes as it was in this case. The zoning board or city council could has something to do with that decision. Or maybe not, however the address is changed at some degree. It was a nice gesture for one’s brother to let me and my son have a disc each. There are more than 300 pictures on it. So many memories in them. An expression of gratitude. A picture is worth a thousand words.


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