“Family Tree”

What a wonderful day this is! Yesterday one had done all the laundry in one day, as one took periodic breaks to rest and made sure that one did it mainly not to overtask oneself. There is a family link similar to a family tree on Facebook. One had filled out the particulars regarding it. Then for some reason one had designated the relation wrongly in reference to a second cousin versus a first cousin once removed. One had noticed that Mikey had referred to oneself as a first cousin once removed. That got one thinking what is the difference between the two phrases. Then while having a conversation with a friend, wanted to ask her what was the difference. She explained it well as one wasn’t familar with the once removed factor. She said that if brothers and sisters were involved which they aren’t then the term would be referred as second cousins. If in this case the first cousin once removed is directly linked in blood lines, then that term pertains. While in D.C. my sister- in law gave me a card which has a baby on the front. His name is Cole Davis Douglass who was born in April of this year. He has a older brother named Reid. Their parents are Claudia and Jay Douglass. Claudia is my uncle Bobby’s daughter. This is on my father’s side. Just recently one had seen that Toni who was on one’s husband’s side of the family is on Facebook. So Toni who is one’s neice quickly came into a rapport with her as she would tell me more about herself as one would in turn encourage her. It is a very good and worthwhile feeling. Don’t really know enough to make a family tree yet. However it is good to make a start, as one has to start somewhere. Much gratitude goes to Greg and Ellen.


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